Top 10 Rated Houston Wedding Cakes Bakeries

Three Brothers Bakery

Three Brothers Bakery For Heavens Cake is an excellent choice for anyone looking for unique and affordable wedding cakes in the Houston area. The prices at Three Brothers Bakery can fit into anyone’s budget. Whether a couple is looking at vintage wedding cakes or modern custom cakes in Houston they will find what they are looking for at Three Brothers Bakery. It is among the best cake bakeries in the area and many people rely on it for baby shower cakes and birthday cakes as well. No matter what the occasion, cake toppers are provided as well.

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Ooh La La Sweets

Ooh La La Sweets The best cake bakeries in Texas are the ones that don’t focus only on weddings. This is because they have a wider selection of flavors and are not afraid to make something more exciting than the classic white-tiered cake. At Ooh La La Sweets their list of flavors is mouth-watering just to read. They can customize the size of your cake ranging from ones serving four guests up to seventy. Being able to choose the exact size you need plus their competitive prices means Ooh La La Sweets is a great affordable option.

How Sweet It Is Bakery

How Sweet It Is Bakery What makes How Sweet It Is Bakery’s creations different from all other Houston wedding cakes is that they put their heart and soul into each one. Their team of bakers and cake designers want to make each cake reflect their boundless spirit and the excitement of your big day. Their cupcake towers are some of the most unique in the industry and their 3D cake models will have your guests in awe. A cake from How Sweet It Is Bakery will be unforgettable.

Cakes by Jula

Cakes by Jula The slogan: “They taste as good as they look.” couldn’t be more true for Cakes by Jula. Using her own recipes, Jula’s cakes have quickly become known for being the top choice of any sweet-loving couple. Not only does Jula want to impress her clients with her cakes but also her customer service is known throughout the state. She wants each couple to come to her store and feel totally relaxed as they discuss their many wedding cake options. She also encourages couples to treat themselves while they visit.

Drew’s Pastry Place

Drew’s Pastry Place For any couple that has always wanted something different to be served at their wedding, Drew’s Pastry Place is the perfect choice. Not only do they not specifically do wedding cakes but they are an Italian bakery. This means that you get the elegance of a European pastry made into a stunning cake. You are able to order whole cakes, cheesecakes or a range of cupcakes to serve as your wedding centerpiece. These delicious options are great for baby shower cakes or birthday cakes as well.


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