Submission Guidelines

We are only accepting 100% Original articles for Exclusive Publication on All submissions with be run through for any duplication and copyright infringements.

Due to high volume of submission requests, average period for an article to be published may take up to a month. If there are any editorial revisions necessary, it will be sent back to you for revision.

Editorial Guiding Principles

Here is an overview of what we consider when deciding to publish a submitted article or not.

  • High-quality: Articles must express high-quality opinions and discovery. Credible, Structured and Actionable. The article should include information that will help the reader make an educated decision in regards to their wedding.

  • Wedding-oriented: Compose content that is actionable for a U.S.-based consumer. Embrace applicable keywords to guarantee the articles receive the greatest exposure through various search engines.

  • Originality: When creating articles about well-covered topics, don’t forget to present a new angle.

  • Influential title: The title ought to reveal the subject of the article and convey to readers why it is necessary for them to read the article.

  • Error Free: All publications must be proofread prior to submission, and be without grammatical or spelling errors. Please review your work through to insure the content is not copied.

  • Human Element: Our goal is to choose the greatest articles for publication. Please keep in mind that the selection of content is extremely discretionary. Various aspects including the amount of articles currently focusing on the theme and the timing of the submission can have an effect on the posting date.  Our goal is to continuously have beneficial and open communication with our contributors, but we apologetically are not always able to offer descriptive clarification on why an article was published or not.

  • No Advertising: Marketing/promotional content within the article is not permitted.