4 Important Tips for Choosing Wedding Invitations

There are so many things to prepare for when getting ready for your big day.  You want to make sure EVERYTHING is perfect! The perfect dress, the perfect venue, the perfect day… and hopefully… the perfect mate! 😉


But there’s one thing that a lot of our brides forget about in this completely hectic bridal shuffle: The WEDDING INVITATIONS.  We can have the perfect day planned… but we need to make sure the guests know when and where to show up.

4 Tips for choosing Wedding Invitations

1) Reflect Your Wedding Style

A wedding invitation will give your guests the first glimpse at what your style might be like. The invitations allow you to be as creative as you want. If you are eco-friendly, go with recyclable or seed paper. Seed paper can be planted in someone’s garden and flowers will bloom and grow. If you are having a vintage wedding, delicate tissue or lace patterns may be used. Think about your wedding style and how you will incorporate it into your invitation before going to the stationer.


2) Start Early

It can take a few days to a few weeks for the invitations to be printed when ordered, so make sure you are giving enough time to receive the invitations and mail them out. This should be done six to eight months before the wedding. This gives guests a chance to book time off if needed, save up in case you have a destination wedding, and does not leave a stressed bride to create a seating chart last minute.

3) Pick Your Font and Colors Wisely

It is a great idea to incorporate your wedding colors into the invitation if you have them already. However, printing an invitation in a light grey, blue or pink may be hard for some people to read, especially if it is in a fancy cursive writing. Consider both font color and the style of font carefully, as well as the size and how much text you are putting on the invitation. No one wants to receive an invitation that is poorly styled or hard to read.


4) Include a Stamp and Return Address

Make it easy for your guests to send in their RSVPs. It can be easy to forget to add in a stamp and a self-addressed envelope. Some invitations also offer a perforated RSVP card that they can tear off of the invitation and mail back to the couple. Making it easier for your guests in turn will make receiving the RSVPs back that much less of a hassle.

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