4 Backyard Wedding Ideas On a Budget

Backyard Wedding

A wedding is a memorable event, not just for the soon-to-be-married couple, but also for their family and friends. While weddings are usually held on churches, tourist spots, hotel grounds, and other event venues, the current world health situation due to COVID-19 makes wedding preparations more challenging and expensive.

For this reason, a backyard wedding is a great option. Backyard weddings aren’t new, and this set up is more convenient for everyone during this time of the pandemic. Also, choosing this option is more flexible and lighter on the budget.

Be guided accordingly by reading below for the best wedding ideas on a budget.


#1 Summer Wedding

Summer is fun, and this season always brings people back to childhood memories and reminiscing about their family experiences at the beach and vacation getaways. Make your summer more special by holding your wedding during this season.

You have to consider important matters before finalizing your summer wedding plan. This helpful guide to backyard weddings can help you determine the important things to consider, such as your timeline, the weather, lighting and power, permissions, rentals, dress code, parking, neighbors, signage, and cleanup.

Here are some summer wedding tips you can try:

  • Fruity Drinks In Bespoke Wagon: Fruity drinks are perfect for your summer backyard wedding. You can display fruity drinks, like mango and strawberry smoothies, orange juice, lemonade, or iced tea in a bespoke wagon. Doing so will give a bit of vintage flair to your summer backyard wedding. If you prefer some southern charm, fill clear mason jars with lemonade or iced tea.
  • Self-Serve: A self-serve bar is a good idea with a mimosa station with garnishes or glass beverage dispensers, reducing the need to hire a lot of servers.
  • Backyard Garden Ambiance: Create a lush garland with vintage candelabras and pastel florals for a dreamy garden romance scene. A bundle of lavender adds a French touch to the center aisle, bringing a heavenly scent to your grand entrance.
  • Hang Rattan Chandeliers: Rattan chandeliers are suitable for summer backyard weddings that won’t hurt your pocket. Choose woven rattan pendant lights to accomplish your languid summertime daydream. Consider a tented reception and weave in some greenery to your rattan chandeliers.


#2 Rustic-Inspired Backyard Wedding

If you choose your backyard as a venue, you’re in total control of how you want the theme to be. A backyard is a perfect place for holding a rustic wedding reception. You have endless options on how you’d like to incorporate the rustic decorations and how much people you’d want to fit.

Rustic weddings are laid-back, charming, and budget-friendly. A rustic theme is a good idea if you have a spacious backyard with hints of naturalness and simplicity or a barn. You can either choose to DIY or hire a wedding planner to help you with the decorations. If you want to celebrate your wedding until the next day, the venue is totally free.

Check the following rustic-inspired backyard wedding tips you can try:

  • Incorporate Natural Wood: You don’t need to buy expensive furniture pieces for your wedding guests to sit on during your wedding day in a rustic wedding theme. The more natural and unfinished the wood is, the more rustic it looks. Wooden crates, tables, chairs, and fencing are often used for a rustic backyard wedding reception for an earthy, warm vibe.
  • Chalkboards: Chalkboards make up cheap signage for a rustic wedding. You can buy chalkboards in bookstores and craft stores, making them easy to procure.
  • Use Burlap: It’s a neutral-colored naturalistic element that’s easy on the eyes and used as banners, chair slashers, table cloth, or table runners. You can have more flower options using burlap.
    DIY Décor: You have more freedom decorating a rustic backyard wedding on a budget, such as displaying charming DIY wedding decor.


#3 Bohemian Wedding

In a backyard wedding, the choices are all up to you. You can choose to work with smaller local vendors, which suits your budget and wedding style, like a Bohemian theme wedding or Boho wedding.

This wedding concept brings everyone into a mythical woodland enchanting place right in your backyard. Boho weddings have a unique soft and romantic feel, inspired by nature. It involves soft waves, braids, flowers, and greenery.

Here’s what the wedding couple can wear in a backyard Boho wedding:

  • For The Groom: The groom can wear a casual suit in gray, tan, brown, blue or light color in linen or chambray. A wool or tweed material is suitable in colder months with a pattern. Also, a suit and shirt without a tie can be a great look.
  • For The Bride: If you want to feel dreamy, comfortable, and effortless on your wedding day, a boho wedding dress can achieve these goals. A Bohemian-style wedding dress evokes a distinct sense of wonder, natural beauty, and whimsy. Light-air-fabrics and graphic lace combine to create adorable silhouettes, making you a more beautiful bohemian bride.


#4 DIY Backyard Wedding

If you have enough time to prepare, you can choose the cheapest backyard wedding route, and that is a DIY backyard wedding. Check these DIY tips to make your budget-friendly DIY backyard wedding come true:

  • Create invitation cards using raw materials, such as dried flowers, twigs, and leaves as embellishments.
  • If you have a knack for DIY sewing, you can even sew your bridal gown. Choose high-quality fabric and easy-to-sew style for a perfect wedding look.
  • Arrange your wedding bouquet and corsage following YouTube tutorials.
  • Use available seating at home and just cover them with a creatively arranged cloth and ribbons for uniformity.
  • Choose a self-serving table set up.
  • Create a DIY wedding sign using pallets, plyboard, and DIY printed graphics.



The above backyard wedding ideas are suitable if you’re on a budget. A summer, rustic, and bohemian wedding themes provide you with many décor, food, and serving options. A backyard wedding saves you money renting a venue and hiring many waiters.

Also, you get to save buying expensive bridal gowns and wedding decors. You can make the theme more magical, cozy, natural, or simple, depending on your preference. A more budget-friendly way to hold a backyard wedding is going DIY, be it the invites, make up, or wedding decors.

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