Top 14 Creative Ideas to Display Your Wedding Photos

Creative Ideas to Display Your Wedding Photos

Your wedding is full of special moments from the first kiss to that jumping photoshoot. While your wedding day cannot last forever, your wedding photos can. You can decorate them in your home, and they will be there for years to share your good memories with kids and other relatives.

Plus, they can serve to be a great personalized wall décor for your home. Let’s be honest! After all the money you spent on your big day’s décor, the dresses, and the wedding photo shoot, do you really think they should just sit in a USB drive provided by your wedding photographer?

Turn your wedding photos into décor for your newlywed home and commemorate that special day in a unique way. Listed below are the creative ideas to put those wedding memories front.


#1 Decorate with Canvas Prints

Turn your favorite wedding photos into canvas prints. It is a great idea to showcase your wedding memories in your home. Canvas prints can make your special moments feel like artwork and they are also eye-catching. Get your customized canvases printed with your wedding photos and display them in your bedroom walls.


#2 Design A Gallery Wall

This trendy wall décor design will never fail to inspire your guests. Select an empty wall in your home, maybe the one along your stairs, or the one in your dining room. Create a grid using identical frames or combinations of various shapes and sizes. Moreover, if you like the vintage look, print your pictures in sepia or black and white and place them in silver or gold frames.


#3 Create a Series

For that, allocate a horizontally wide wall in your home. Get frames in the same color but in four to five different sizes and shapes. Then get your wedding photos printed to the frame sizes. Hang them together on the wall as a series. You can also include your photos prior to wedding to show how your love story started.


#4 Make a Photo Calendar

Get your 12 favorite wedding moments oriented on a photo calendar so you can reflect on them year-round. This modern photo calendar can look perfect on the desk of your home office, or you can hang the calendar on the kitchen wall too.


#5 Hang the Photo Strips

Bring the fun of photo strips to your home walls. Get a giant photo strip wall hanging for your living room. Pick the most spontaneous and fun moments of your wedding day and recreate them into photo strip for an authentic touch.


#6 Mix It Up

While decorating your wall with photo frames, include some candid wedding pics of your favorite wedding décor such as your bouquet, stage décor, or church façade along with the posed wedding shots. Moreover, you can also put handwritten notes or paper invitations of your wedding in a shadow frame and mix them with your wedding photos display to make it more visually interesting.


#7 Create a Coffee Table Book

Another creative idea to show off your wedding photos interestingly is to create a coffee table book of your photos. We all love those coffee table books! Get inspired by some of these wedding photo books ideas and make your own book full of your favorite wedding shots. This will add a personal touch to your living room.


#8 Decorate a Journal

If you have no wall space for displaying a number of your wedding shots, but large size, high-grade journal and place your printed wedding photos in there. Such a display can give your space a classic, old school décor. If you’re planning a party at your home, place that journal on your coffee table to create an eye-catching display for your guests.


#9 Go beyond Hanging Frames

If you don’t like to utilize your walls or you don’t have enough wall space, take a less conventional approach and lean your photo frames on a bookshelf, desk, or against a wall. One of the good locations for such a photo display is your piano. Just lean them back and relax. All sizes of photos frames can be put together along with your decoration pieces. This also saves you the trouble of hammering holes for hanging frames.


#10 Go for an Oversize Photo

Oversize your best wedding photo to make a big statement in your small room. Install a one large oversized custom frame photo or a canvas print that can serve as a focal point of the room. An oversize photo also makes your space looks larger. While decorating a wall gallery, you can extend your photo display to a joining wall. This can also make your home appear bigger and more open.


#11 Go Digital

A digital photo frame is a tech yet smart way to display all the photos of your big day. It’s the best gadget to display each of your special moments every day. You can turn on the frame whenever you like. Get a beautiful modern digital frame and see your memories pass by.


#12 Create an Art Display

Combine art and your wedding photos to create a beautiful art piece you can hang in your bedroom or living space. For instance, you can transform a hoop wreath into a photo gallery by adding multiple photographs. It’s easy to create and an inexpensive way to display several different photos. Moreover, you can also go for a rustic style and utilize a long tree branch hanging multiple dangling polaroids displaying your big day moments.


#13 Display on Coasters

Display your wedding memories on something functional that’s is used on a daily basis. Make use of the coasters that are a part of your home décor yet functional – the perfect excuse to show off all your gorgeous wedding photos. And also, they can be the best ‘something special’ to bring out for your guests.


#14 Featuring with a Table Runner

Another unique and exciting way to feature your wedding photos is to have a collage-style table runner to bring a personal touch to your dining room. This is a one wedding photo DIY you’ll be excited to display at your dinner table for years.

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