3 Keys to Finding the Perfect Engagement Ring

Three of the most important things that couples will choose for their upcoming wedding are the wedding rings: The engagement ring, the wedding ring and the grooms ring. Rings are of utmost importance because the couple will need something to put on each others finger during the wedding ceremony.


Advice for Finding the Perfect Wedding Ring

1) Choosing the Metal

This is a great place to start. Think about what kind of metal you and your fiancee would like. If your bride-to-be already wears yellow gold, it is best to look at rings of the same metal, though keeping an open mind allows for more options. With so many options available for rings today, it will be easy to come in with a budget in mind and match a ring to that and the metal plays a big part of that.


2) Choosing the Shape

Sometimes engagement and wedding rings come in a set to make everything a little easier. If the particular engagement ring does not come with a matching partner, shape is very important. Since these two rings will be sitting side by side for a long time to come, it is important to see how the two will fit together and compliment one another.


3) Choosing the Stones

Diamonds are usually the choice for most couples, but they are not the only choice. Some couples prefer sapphire, emeralds or rubies, or even a yellow or chocolate colored diamond for a new take on a wedding tradition. This is best discussed with an expert at the jewelry store because cut, color and clarity of the stones are what can determine the price.

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