How To Fund Your Honeymoon

A honeymoon is a great way to start your married life. Leaving everything behind to escape to an idyllic place is all newly married couples dream of. However, the expenses of a honeymoon can be quite daunting and may put a lot of financial strain on a newlywed couple. This is why you need to plan out and budget for your honeymoon well in advance, just like you would for your wedding.

If your honeymoon is an expense you simply can’t finance on your own, there are numerous ways you can fund it. Here are some creative ideas and tips, such as using the right honeymoon fund wording, you can use to finance your dream honeymoon.


#1 Make A Honeymoon Registry

The best and most common way of funding your honeymoon is through honeymoon registry websites. A honeymoon registry website allows guests to make direct donations to your private honeymoon fund. You can mention the details of the fund in your wedding invites. Make sure you get your honeymoon fund wording right, as well.

Most websites charge a nominal fee in exchange for creating a private fund. Instead of getting wedding presents that would barely ever be of any use to you, why not allow your guests to make a significant contribution to an important part of your newlywed life?


#2 Crowdsourcing Through Websites

Private funds are one way to go about raising money for your honeymoon. However, private funds reach a limited number of people, and not all of them will be generous enough to contribute.

Why not take this to the next level and have an open crowd-sourced fund so that anyone can contribute to your honeymoon? Sites such as FundMyTravel are quickly gaining popularity with travelers everywhere, and they can be very helpful for arranging funds for your honeymoon.


#3 Plan And Research

Having an affordable, yet luxurious and memorable honeymoon is only possible through meticulous planning and research. Plan your trip as carefully as you planned your wedding since it is just as important. Travel during the off-season to save up on tickets and enjoy lower hotel prices.

Also, keep an eye out for great deals that pop up on hotels and resorts. A resort that was previously out of your budget can suddenly become affordable with a great deal, so keep a lookout. Even airlines have great deals from time to time. You can also travel to places that aren’t too expensive in terms of transport, food, and activities. Numerous hidden gems in the world are affordable and perfect for honeymooners.


#4 Honeymoon While Volunteering

Another great way to go on an affordable honeymoon is through volunteering. This is especially great for couples who feel like a selfless act might be the best way to start a new life together. It is important to note that if you do volunteer, you have to fulfill all your volunteer responsibilities.

Volunteering is a fun way to explore a new place while truly being able to experience the culture of the place firsthand. You and your partner can work as a team and strengthen the bond between you two while giving back to the community as well.


#5 Have A Wedding Raffle Or Games With Wagers

Having games and raffles at your wedding is not only fun, but it can also help you collect a significant amount of money for your honeymoon fund. There are numerous things you can use for prizes, be it an item or an experience.

You can even incorporate the idea of a raffle into some pre-wedding events, such as your bridal showers and bachelor party. You can also involve wagers in games such as bride vs. groom at your wedding or pre-wedding events to make the whole experience even more fun!


#6 Try A Fund Jar At Your Wedding

This is another, more upfront version of having a wedding registry. You can let the guests know in advance that you’re setting up a honeymoon fund jar so that they come prepared. Weddings are always an emotional affair, and people usually feel particularly generous after. Why not cash in on these emotions for your honeymoon?

Also, since the wedding jar will be anonymous, people won’t mind donating even small amounts. These small amounts will keep adding up to give you a significant amount at the end of your wedding. This is a cute and fun way to let guests feel like they’re contributing towards something meaningful in your life. A fund jar also means that there are no hidden costs involved, and all the money goes directly to you.


#7 Save Up On Wedding Costs

Weddings can be an expensive affair if you’re not careful. Why not keep your wedding simple so you can use the money you save for your honeymoon? Keep the whole affair low-key and only invite people that truly matter. Spending large amounts on a dress that you will probably only wear once doesn’t make sense either.

Lean more towards simplicity, and your wedding will have an elegant, rustic charm to it. According to current trends, less is more. Make DIY decor for your wedding, do your makeup, and try renting a small yet elegant place to save up on money that can go towards your honeymoon.



Having a wonderful, memorable honeymoon will give you memories that you can cherish forever. Nothing beats traveling the world with your new spouse fresh after your wedding.

However, if the trip is adding up to be too expensive, you can always try to fund as much of it as possible. Use our creative and fun ideas to gather funds for your honeymoon!