6 Timeless Wedding Groomsmen Gift Ideas for Your Traditional Wedding


Groomsmen gifts are one of the most important aspects of your wedding planning. Ensuring you come up with meaningful gift ideas to give your groomsmen is important. You want to ensure you’re showing them how much they mean to you and how much you appreciate them being by your side.

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#1 Cigar Cutters

Cigar Cutters gift

Personalized stainless steel cigar holder with whiskey flask. Check today’s price on GroomsmenGiftIdeas.com.

Cigar cutters and holders are probably one of the most traditional gifts you could get. Cigars and their accessories are also considered luxuries which makes them even more of a special gift. The custom box itself is beautifully crafted with any text you want.

Most people don’t get cigar accessories for themselves unless they smoke them regularly which makes them even more special to give to your groomsmen. This set comes with a cigar holder and whiskey flask combo, making it a sophisticated yet practical traditional gift for any groomsmen who enjoys the finer things in life.


#2 Leather Dopp Kit

Leather Dopp Kit

Personalized leather dopp kit. Check today’s price on amazon.com.

Every one of your groomsmen could use a travel bag. Why not get them a leather personalized one? These bags are useful for many different uses. There are numerous sizes to choose from so you can find the perfect bag for the exact person you are thinking about.

They can be used for those traveling to put their bathroom products in, they can store cords for work, really anything you could possibly think of could be stored in the bags. They are a great gift for any age or personality you have in your groomsmen party.


#3 Suspenders

Groomsman Suspenders

Groomsmen gift nylon suspenders. Check today’s price on etsy.com.

Suspenders have been less used in people’s casual attire however still hold the title of being considered traditional. This is why they are worn for a more special or dressy occasion such as a wedding or event. This is why they make for a great gift idea. Very unique and different which is something that will stick with the groomsmen.

They can even wear them for your big day which makes the gift even more special. These can also be personalized which makes them even more of a unique gift idea. They can use these for other future occasions and not only dress up their outfit but also remember those great memories from your wedding day as well.


#4 Wine Bottle Openers

Groomsmen Personalized Bottle Opener

Groomsmen gift idea personalized bottle opener. Check today’s price on amazon.com.

Wine is typically considered a more classy form of alcohol which makes it a traditional drink for special occasions. With this, gifting a wine bottle opener is a great idea. These are multifunctional so they can be used for wine bottles and regular bottles.

You can also get them personalized which makes them even more meaningful. If you have a group of guys that are wine drinkers this is a great gift idea. It’s not only traditional but also unique and usable.


#5 Cooler Bags

Personalized groomsmen Cooler Bag

Personalized groomsmen gift gray cooler bag with strap. Check today’s price on Etsy.com.

Cooler bags are widely used by so many people for a multitude of different reasons and occasions. Getting a personalized cooler bag for your groomsmen is a great gift that is extremely useful to them.

Cooler bags that are personalized make them even more special. It’s a gift that is meaningful and also useful. Whether it’s a picnic with the family, beach day, or to keep some beers cold, the cooler bag is something all of the guys are sure to love.


#6 Pocket Watch

Groomsmen Pocket Watch

Groomsmen pocket watch gift set. Check today’s price on amazon.com.

Pocket watches aren’t commonly used now however are for more special occasions. Men wear them when they want to appear more well dressed than usual. They are also sometimes passed down through the male generation, grandfather to father and then to the son.

This is what gives the pocket to watch the traditional aspect. These pocket watches are an extremely special and unique gift idea. They can be used but also kept as an item to remember your big day. This is the ultimate gift for the most traditionalist man in your groomsmen party.


Groomsmen gifts are an important ascent of your wedding planning. You want to ensure you get a gift that shows them just how important they are to you. They’ve agreed to stand by you through not only the wedding and its process but also the rest of your life.

These people choose to be there with you so ensuring you show them how much they mean to you is essential. To keep a traditional theme we hope the above gift ideas help you to do just that.

About the Author:

Jennifer Hines, a wedding planning consultant at Top10WeddingVendors.com, is celebrating her 26th year in the event industry. She got her start in 1993 as an entertainment booking agent. She soon trained to be a videographer and video editor, and still maintains a video production team to this day. Jennifer branched out to full fledged event planning in 2011 and has flourished ever since, servicing hundreds of parties and counting!