Top 10 Rated Buffalo Makeup Artists

Be Hive Bridal

Be Hive Bridal Wondering how to give your wedding hair and makeup a magical touch? You can count on one of the best of Buffalo makeup artists, Josselyn Scott. Armed with a diverse background and artistic expertise, you can trust her to innovatively create a wonderful wedding day experiences in cosmetic beauty. Apart from bridal makeup, this professional makeup artist in Buffalo also offers special makeup services for photography, films, commercials, among many more. Whether you want temporary or permanent makeup, Josselyn will sort you out.

AllenTan Tanning Salon

AllenTan Tanning Salon AllenTan Tanning Salon owner, Dani Weiser, is not just a local professional makeup artist in Buffalo, NY, but also a beauty editor and consultant for Buffalo Rising Magazine, Fashion Maniac. This leaves us no room to doubt her credentials as one of the best Buffalo makeup artists you’d want to hire. Her services come at very reasonable rates. You would certainly want to try this makeup guru for a whole new look.

Mitchelle Sperazz

Mitchelle Sperazz Mitchelle Sperazz is certified makeup artist from the renowned Makeup Designory School in New York. She majors in airbrush techniques and makeup for fashion, weddings, photography and more. With her extensive background as a makeup artist, Michelle has a keen eye and a sense of perfection that’s needed for makeup application. With Michelle you don’t have to worry about prices. She is a quite affordable and a true epitome of perfection when it comes to makeup.

Elizabeth Dugan

Elizabeth Dugan Elizabeth Dugan is one of the most successful Buffalo makeup artists who has faithfully catered for women beauty needs since 1999. Also to note is that, behind the scenes, her innate makeup skill has seen her train other top makeup artists who have spread her beauty tips and skills far and wide. What a privilege would it be to have the ‘best of the best’ applying your makeup for your special occasion. Whatever the specifications, Elizabeth always seems to rise beyond the challenge. 

Divina Salon

Divina Salon Your search for an adept makeup artist is bound to end at Divina Salon, a renowned world class make up service provider in the larger Western New York region. The signature salon is adorned with the state of the art make up facilities along with highly experienced professional makeup artist. This combination will guarantee you a flawless beauty make over for your special occasion. Whichever type of makeup you need, a temporary bridal make or permanent makeup, trust Divina Salon to deliver to your specifications.