Top 10 Rated Fort Worth Wedding and Engagement Rings Designers

Joe Daiches

Joe Daiches Joe Daiches is unique in the jewelry industry in that it is an upscale jewelry store, but it does also accept your unwanted jewelry in return for cash. This is not a pawnshop but could easily be compared as a store that does a lot of the same things, but is also upscale. The bridal selection at Joe Daiches is extensive and will easily have your partner saying ‘yes.’ They also offer custom design work so if they don’t have what you want in store, they will help you design it.

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Trader Jim’s Pawn Shop

Trader Jim’s Pawn Shop Trader Jim’s Pawn Shop has literally anything you could possibly dream of, but their selection of jewelry is the most well known. Due to the nature of a pawnshop, their inventory is always changing so if you don’t find a ring you like the first time you look, they are sure to have something different within a few weeks. Vintage and new rings are always the main attraction at Trader Jim’s. Whatever you’re looking for, the professionals at this shop are ready to help you find something that suits your budget.

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Hardy’s Jewelry

Hardy’s Jewelry Hardy’s Jewelry store doesn’t just have jewelry specialists with years of experience, but professionals who have spent their career working specifically with engagement rings. The members of staff at this store truly are the experts in what they do. The store has a huge selection of diamond rings to choose from as well as wedding bands for men and for women. Whether you want to shop for an engagement ring for your intended on your own, or would like to find your rings together, this store has it all.

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Hardie’s Jewelry

Hardie’s Jewelry Hardie’s Jewelry is a certified and family owned jewelry store. They offer their Southern hospitality and extensive knowledge of the jewelry industry to each client who walks through their doors. They have been an institution since 1956. They have a selection of antique estate jewelry, but also have a collection designed by them. Though they offer these assortments, their specialty is custom rings. Using whatever stone you like, they work with clients to help them design a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry.

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Southlake Jewelers

Southlake Jewelers Wedding rings in Fort Worth are easy to find, but a trusted jewelers is not. Southlake Jewelers has been the go-to place for fair prices on some of the most beautiful jewels for the residents of Texas. Not only do they have a huge assortment of rings in the store, but they also offer customization, jewelry appraisals and repairs. It is clear after reviewing their extensive gallery of rings that they can meet the needs of any buyer, including you.

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Diamond Gold Exchange

Diamond Gold Exchange The Diamond Gold Exchange is an institution as far as jewelry stores in Fort Worth are concerned. With over 45 years of experience, the experts behind the counter can appraise your unwanted jewelry of any kind and sell it to someone they know will enjoy it. Whether you are looking to bring in your unwanted gold, silver, or diamonds, this store is known for giving the most honest and fair quotes in Texas. If you’re looking to buy pre-owned or estate jewelry, this is also the most experienced store to shop in.

The Diamond Jewelry Company

The Diamond Jewelry Company The Diamond Jewelry Company is not only a jewelry store but also a jewelry manufacturer. Their workshop uses the newest technology to get the most precise jewelry. Because they manufacture jewelry in their workshop, they design and choose only the best pieces to present to you and other customers. They have diamond rings of every sort, but if you still can’t find something you love, they will design and make a custom ring. This store is everything you could want when looking in Fort Worth for engagement rings.

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Pulido’s Custom Jewelry

Pulido’s Custom Jewelry Pulido’s Custom Jewelry is known for designing and repairing some of the most radiant engagement rings in Fort Worth, TX. They specialize in creating exactly the ring you want. With a well-respected and experienced designer at your service, you can work together to come up with something you know your bride to be will fall in love with. This store also offers resizing of rings and diamond sets so even if you’ve already bought a ring, they can help make it perfect.

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Grissom’s Fine Jewelry and Swiss Watches

Grissom’s Fine Jewelry and Swiss Watches Wedding bands are things that represent your love and devotion to your partner. They represent possibly the biggest commitment you’ve ever made, so choosing the right ring is extremely important. Grissom’s Fine Jewelry and Swiss Watches has been meeting the jewelry needs of the Fort Worth elite for years. This store has the most classic cuts and styles of rings. Letting the knowledgeable staff at this store guide you and help you find a ring is a decision you will not regret.

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