Top 10 Rated Memphis Wedding Venues, Reception, and Banquet Halls

Three Lilies Ministries

Three Lilies Ministries If you’re looking for a wedding chapel that also has the option to operate as a garden wedding venue, Three Lilies Ministries is a full service and accommodating wedding venue for religious and civil ceremonies. The venue offers to perform the service if you choose but welcomes any form of marriage ceremony. Three Lilies Ministries is also willing to provide decorations and outdoors set ups. The venue also has a list of private vendors they’ve worked with before and have a great working relationship.

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The Belle Banquet Facility

The Belle Banquet Facility The Belle Banquet Facility is unlike any other wedding venue in Memphis, TN. This is a historic modeled riverboat on the Mississippi River that represents the height of class and sophisticated river travel. The boat now offers room for up to 300 guests to dine and party as well as deck space for attendees to enjoy views of the water. This charming venue is not only an important landmark, but it is the space where many couples have celebrated exchanging their vows.

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Appling Ballroom

Appling Ballroom A ballroom is the perfect place to host your guests and celebrate any milestone, but the space provided by Appling Ballroom is specifically suited for weddings. With room for up to 300 guests for a sit down meal, you can be sure that everyone will fit into the space comfortably. The venue can also provide linens and a head table specifically for the bride and groom. There is parking for all of your guests as well as on site catering services.

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Memphis Hotel

Memphis Hotel The Memphis Hotel is a glamorous and classic place for any Tennessee wedding. The space is completely flexible and is proud to accommodate any event. It can operate as a small wedding venue for an intimate dinner or as a large party venue for hundreds of guests. Not only does this venue offer spaces for any size party, but they also have event coordinating and planning services on site so you can work with a professional to turn the space into your wedding fairytale.

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Rhitt’s on Rex Reception and Banquet

Rhitt’s on Rex Reception and Banquet Choosing a venue that knows how to throw a good party is key when choosing where to have your wedding reception, which is why many couples have chosen the Rhitt’s on Rex Reception and Banquet venue. This Memphis wedding venue is known for their flexibility and customer service. They offer the venue for your event for 24 hours so guests don’t have to leave before the party is over. They are prepared for any event including birthday parties, Quinceaneras, and wedding receptions.

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The Belle Venue

The Belle Venue The Belle Venue is not only unique to Memphis but is a one-of-a-kind historical cruise themed feature that attracts all kinds of different events. The grandeur of the facility is perfectly crafted to bring luxury to wedding receptions particularly. With gorgeous views of the river, you can be sure that you are getting a unique and incredible experience. Raving reviews have said that this place can be reserved for affordable prices based on all of the services you will receive.

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Memphis Zoo

Memphis Zoo The Memphis Zoo is a magical place to see animals from all around the world and has been proven to be a fairy-tale place for wedding receptions as well. They provide you with a space and access to the zoo to fascinate your guests and offer a unique background to your celebration. As a party venue, this is one of a kind. The venue not only provides space but can also help you plan and arrange every detail of your wedding so you’re dealing with as few vendors as possible.

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The Racquet Club of Memphis

The Racquet Club of Memphis The Racquet Club of Memphis is one of the best wedding venues in the center of the city. This private club offers you access to their banquet halls as well as their entire facility. Though this venue is not cheap, it does not require a membership to hold an event. They also offer professional catering, gated parking and security. Choosing this venue means you will have a sophisticated and fun wedding reception knowing that you and your guests will be well taken care of.

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Memphis Museum

Memphis Museum The Memphis Museum is becoming more popular and well known as a wedding reception hall. The venue offers a unique style and background for brides and grooms looking for something more modern. With many different spaces to choose from, you can be sure that the style of your wedding is matched by the venue. There is room for groups from 50-500 and events coordinators to help you turn the space you choose into something you will love for your event.