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Top 10 Wedding Vendors is the go-to vendor guide for Brides across the nation. With way too many choices to consider when planning a wedding, Top 10 Wedding Vendors keeps Brides informed, assured, and in vogue.

Whether you want to find a Venue in Chicago which has the best skyline view, or a Beach in San Francisco for your Wedding Ceremony. Whether you want a sushi station, or miniature Vietnamese eggrolls served during your cocktail hour. Whether you are looking for a vintage Wedding Dress or the season’s hottest designer style. Whether you’re on a tight budget or open ended credit. Top 10 Wedding Vendors has the retailer for you.

Established in 2014, Top 10 Wedding Vendors has proved to be a distinctive asset to our Brides. Coming to fruition out of the need for a condensed, vetted list of wedding vendors, our listings have the variety every Bride will appreciate. Taking away the angst of pouring over thousands of unnecessary websites is a benefit to the Bride, her family, and friends. While still being in its infancy, Top 10 Wedding Vendors is continually adding innovative features and tools.

We’ve made it our mission to bring Value to Brides across America. From our online Vendors to our weekly Top10-Tip e-blasts and editorials, Top 10 Wedding Vendors delivers rich content on a daily basis. A strong online presence, original concept, and large user base allows us to challenge the status quo.                

Our Brides are accomplished, affluent individuals that want to experience smooth wedding planning and a breathtaking wedding day. They are engaged in the process and are interested in your services and products. On a monthly basis, Top 10 Wedding Vendors connects Brides with Vendors because it tells them who you are, what you do, where to find you, and why their friends are talking about you.

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