10 Critical Questions to Ask Wedding Photographer Before You Book One

Looking for a photographer for your wedding can be a difficult task, especially with so many to choose from. Once you have narrowed down your selection to a handful of photographers, it is important for you and your partner to schedule a meeting with the photographer either in person or by video in the case of destination weddings.

As important as the images they produce are, if you are not completely comfortable with your photographer on your wedding day, it will show in the photos. If you do not have the opportunity to shoot with the photographer before the wedding or do not want to have an engagement photo session done, these 10 questions you should be asking your potential photographer and why.

#1 How many weddings do you photograph in a year?

Some photographers only do a couple weddings a year in order to maintain that exclusive kind of feeling for their clients, and that is perfectly fine. However, if the photographer you are talking to hasn’t had any experience shooting weddings, he may not be the best choice for you.

Why? There have been many horror stories on wedding blogs about couples who hired someone in the family or their group of friends to be their photographer and received either low quality work, or no work at all. Do not put relationships at risk: hire a professional.

#2 How would you describe your photography style?

Style is as important in photography as it is on your wedding day. If your photographer describes his photo style as traditional and you wanted a more journalistic feel to the day, he is probably not the photographer for you.

Why? Your style may not mesh well with that of the photographers. If you want someone who can get great photos like a stealthy photojournalist, you don’t want someone who is going to set up a tripod for photos and only take them when everyone is staged for a photo.

#3 Do you shoot video, film or digital?

Some couples want both photographers and videographers, and it is always best to know what your photographer specializes in. While digital cameras have been the popular choice, many photographers also use film now as well to capture the day.

Why? If you are looking for a film photographer, it is best to know how long they have been shooting with film and how many weddings they have done. Couples usually choose film when they want a more vintage or romantic feel to their photos.

#4 What kind of editing is done to the photos?

All photos that a photographer takes, usually go through an editing process but it is important to know what your photographer likes to adjust. Why? It is important to know if the photographer will edit all of your photos that you are given or just the ones that you order prints of.

#5 Who will take our photos in case of an emergency?

This is an incredibly important question to ask. We cannot always control what happens in life, and photographers are the same. Make sure your photographer has a backup photographer in case something happens and there is an unexpected emergency.

Why? There might not be anything worse than having a photographer call you on or just before your wedding day to say he can’t make it, leaving you to scramble to find someone last minute and possibly pay last minute booking fees.

#6 What is included in your package?

Make sure you are getting exactly what you are paying for by confirming every detail of the package. The photographer will be happy to give you a breakdown of the package when asked.

Why? If you know exactly what is included in the package, from how many hours your photographer will be with you to whether or not you get photo albums, there is no room for miscommunication or disappointment.

#7 Will you be photographing my wedding?

When speaking to photography companies, make sure the person you are speaking to will be the one photographing your wedding. It is never safe to assume that the person you are speaking to will be the one showing up on your wedding day.

Why? Many photography companies take on a couple as a client and pair them with another photographer, so if you think you are hiring Bill and Ken shows up, you may not be getting the kind of photos you expected when you saw Bill’s work.

#8 Have you taken photos at my venue before?

Why? If your photographer has never taken photos at the venue or does not know about it, there is potential for lighting issues, for example. If the photographer is willing to check out the space beforehand, that is a good sign.

#9 Will you follow a shot list?

Many photographers ask in their contract with couples if there are any specific photos they would like to take on their wedding day, for example, groomsmen putting on their ties or the bridesmaids enjoying a drink with the bride.

Why? You don’t want to miss out on a photo you really wanted to have taken. If you can provide a short list of a couple of photos you really want, your photographer will be happy to help you out.

#10 Is a second shooter included in your price?

Some photographers always bring along a second shooter that is included in their prices, while others have the option to bring someone in for an additional fee.

Why? Second shooters provide a different perspective than the main photographer. They capture different angles and will provide beautiful photos you may not have thought of for your wedding day.

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