4 Tips to Find Your Perfect Wedding Makeup Look

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How do I find the perfect makeup look to wear on my wedding day?

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(by Makeup Artist, Lisa Capuchino) – A classic red lip makeup look, minimalistic beauty or a super glam smokey eye makeup look, there are SO MANY options for a bride! Nude lips, smokey eyes, red lip, bronzy skin the makeup choices go on and on. So how should a bride choose?


As an experienced makeup artist, my suggestion would be to take into consideration 4 important tips & factors:

1. What is your personality?

Are you a “low maintenance, lip balm and mascara kind of girl” or an “I want to wear all the trends on my face at the same time” woman?  For most of my clients, I follow the approach of less is more. While Instagram makeup trends may be popular, wedding photos will last a lifetime. It’s important to match your beauty personality with a makeup look that you will be satisfied with 20 years from now.

2. What kind of makeup look do you wear on a regular basis?

This will determine what you are comfortable with and provide a great starting point for your look. You can always make it more dramatic or bit demure. But it’s important to be comfortable on your big day. There are lot of decisions and pressure surrounding your wedding day. Your makeup look should not add additional pressure. It’s important that my brides look & feel beautiful and comfortable in the makeup look they choose.

3. Is it a day or evening wedding?

This really does matter. A daytime, outdoor wedding should be a bit softer since you will have the sun lighting up your face. You don’t want to look like you have a ton of makeup piled on. On the other hand, for an evening wedding….. your look can be a bit more glamourous. In most cases, there will be a dimmer light which will allow the makeup artist to apply a bit more color.

4. What season is it?

That is another important factor. Be sure to take the time of year and climate into consideration. You don’t want to wear anything too heavy on your face if it’s 100 degrees outside. In this case, again…. less is more.

These are all important questions to ask yourself when determining what style of makeup works best for you. When talking to your makeup artist, try pulling pictures of your favorite looks from Pinterest as well. It’s a good starting point to determine what looks you love & what looks work for your big day. Together, you & your makeup professional can come up with a look that is perfect for your face.

Remember, the most important thing about your wedding day is that you enjoy the day with family and friends. Looking and feeling your best while you do so.

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As a beauty professional, Lisa is the CEO of Capuchino Beauty, which provides make-up hairstyling and on-location luxury beauty services to brides and beauties worldwide.

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