Best Way to Make a Wedding Slideshow [8-Step Formula]

Best Way to Make a Wedding Slideshow

A wedding is the most important event in a person’s life, and often the most expensive. Couples spend monumental amounts of money to make every aspect of their special day perfect. One detail that money doesn’t affect, however, is the wedding slideshow.

Often times newly-weds rely on friends and family to help them with this task. But where do you start? Memorable slideshows include pictures, videos, and quotes. These elements contribute to the creation of the perfect presentation.

They capture the soul of a couple. The choice of pictures and videos determines if the slideshow will be tiresome, or engaging. Here is the 8-step process that will show you how to make a wedding slideshow easily by yourself.

#1 Find a Good Wedding Slideshow Maker App

There are many great wedding slideshow makers out there. Our team usually uses a SmartSHOW 3D by AMS Software. However, you can use any slideshow app that you like.

The SmartSHOW 3D has a powerful slideshow setup that is easy to use. Even the most computer-challenged person can easily follow along with this wedding slideshow maker. The software offers ready-made wedding slideshow templates that make the design process simple.


#2 Determine the Running Time

The perfect wedding slideshow is long enough to remind guests of the newly-weds’ memories and love, but not too drawn out that they start to snooze. First, decide how long the video should be. The best wedding presentations are usually 10-15 minutes.

Make sure to include plenty of pictures, videos, and loving anecdotes. The more material you use, the more engaging your slideshow will be. Organize the presentation in a way that keeps people entertained. Start with some funny pictures, and then add the lovey-dovey ones.

Determine the Running Time


#3  Add Pictures

Pictures are what make a wedding slideshow shine. There are many options for showcasing the best moments in your history. Perhaps start with baby pictures, and then go over to adulthood. Upload photographs from work, school, or that crazy trip to Vegas.

Guests will enjoy relating to the memories on the screen, and the couple will be happy to be reminded of their precious moments. Load all of the images into the software before setting up the slides.

This way, you can see all the options in front of you. Once they are all in, organizing them will come effortlessly. The pictures can be ordered by a timeline, color scheme, or any other way you like. So you can choose what looks best.


#4 Add Videos

Pictures are always fun, but videos say a lot more. Including a few clips could be one of the good wedding slideshow ideas and could give a glimpse at the couple’s everyday life. It will be a good surprise for the bride and groom and also a good way to draw drowsy guests back in.


#5 Add Text

The text of a slideshow can determine its mood. Adding a loving quote to a picture of the bride and groom kissing will make guests happy. Inserting a joke on a slide of them making silly faces will make them laugh. Not all slides need words, but those that do will stand out.

The best quotes that can be used for your presentation can come from the couple’s favorite movies, books, or songs. You can also find plenty of romantic quotes online, such as “You don’t marry the person you can live with — you marry the person you can’t live without”, and “Two souls with but a single thought; two hearts that beat as one”.

If you want the presentation to have a more humorous one, includes funny captions on pictures of the bride and groom.

Add Text


#6 Add Effects and Transitions

Wedding slideshow apps offer various effects and transitions. They give slideshows that extra pizzazz. Some of the tools found on SmartSHOW 3D wedding slideshow are sure to give your display the extra punch needed. Some ideas for effects are “glowing heart,” and “shades of pink,” and “bright rings.”

This wedding slideshow software has suggestions for transitions, too. The photographs on a slide can fade out, and then a new one can fade in. A 3D cube can show one picture, and then switch to the next. A new display can be introduced through a heart. There are lots of exciting ideas on the wedding slideshow maker. Just have fun with it.


#7 Choose the Right Music

If the slideshow is 10-15 minutes, it will need to contain 4-5 songs. Look up some ideas online. Consider the tempoof the songs, too. Romantic songs are great for wedding slideshows, but if they’re too slow they may put people to sleep.

There are many beautiful songs that would sound great in the presentation. Here are some suggestions:

  • Isn’t She Lovely – Stevie Wonder
  • Better Together – Jack Johnson
  • You’ll Be in My Heart – Merche Macaria
  • L.O.V.E. – Nat King Cole
  • She’s Got a Way – Billy Joel
  • Marry You – Bruno Mars
  • A Thousand Years – Cristina Perri
  • I’m Yours – Jason Mraz
  • I Wanna Dance with Somebody – Whitney Houston
  • (I’ve Had) The Time of My Life – Bill Medley

Add Text

Consider switching between slow songs and upbeat songs. If there is a funny picture that matches a lyric, try to sync it in the slideshow. Pictures and music are the most important parts of a wedding slideshow. The song pairing nicely with the picture is essential.


#8 Finish the Slideshow

Save the slideshow and double check the slides. Look for grammar mistakes, inconsistent transitions, and any other problems. After going through it once, inspect it again. Everything has to be perfect.

This includes saving the project in the right format. If it’s to be shown on a big screen, test it before the event. As a backup plan, save the slideshow to a hard drive and burn a copy to a DVD.

These are the steps on the best way to make a wedding slideshow. A well-done presentation can make the “happiest day” of a person’s life even happier. The talk of the dance floor won’t be the best man’s funny speech.

Guests will be chattering about that beautiful, intrinsic, humorous, slideshow. They will be marveling at the incredible use of effects and animation. The newly-weds will be giggling about their baby pictures during their first dance.

Make sure the presentation can be everything it can be. It may seem like a small task, but the effort that is put into it will make all the difference. Simple pleasures lead to a happy wedding, and a happy marriage.

About the Author:

Jennifer Hines, a wedding planning consultant at, is celebrating her 26th year in the event industry. She got her start in 1993 as an entertainment booking agent. She soon trained to be a videographer and video editor, and still maintains a video production team to this day. Jennifer branched out to full fledged event planning in 2011 and has flourished ever since, servicing hundreds of parties and counting!