Top 10 Rated Kansas City Nail Salons

Nail Perfection & Spa

Nail Perfection & Spa The best part of your whole bridal look is a great set of nails. Nail Perfection & Spa surprises its guests with all-time favorite and the craziest additions on top nail designs. This wonderful nail spa features a wide mixture of specially chosen craft items, rhinestones and shades just for your nails. It also houses super cool and fun stuff to take pleasure on. From hand and foot combo, hand and foot care, student specials, manicure, pedicure and paraffin dips, you can experience natural beauty in sweetness and cuteness right here!

Studio 29 Salon and Spa

Studio 29 Salon and Spa Glam up by furnishing a sparkly and sweet touch to your nails! For your wedding look, Studio 29 will make you feel like a star. Owned by Kristy Schopf and Kristi Walker, try out their massage, pedicure, manicure, scalp treatment, shampoo or facial, guests are reassured of a first class service in a Kansas City nail salon. Its top notch team of salon professionals knows how brides feel a vibrant salon experience. Studio 29 creates full fun and 101 styles to wear on the big day.

Sola Salon Studios

Sola Salon Studios Wear Sola Salon Studios’ nail arts and show off your cutie nails. Love ‘em, style it, get hip with what’s in and hot on today’s nail couture. With great nails out of the box, bid ugly nails begone, thanks to Sola Salon Studios’ big big nail spa giveaways. In fact, whether you’re thinking of the simplest ideas or the most raved about nail crafts, your nails can be multi-colored as ever at Sola Salon Studios. The team shares their passion and

Double Take Salon & Day Spa

Double Take Salon & Day Spa All things are fab, fun and crazy at Double Take Salon & Day Spa. Your local one-stop-shop for classy traditional nail designs. At the heart of Kansas City, the salon services come with a new twist on how your nails should look. You’ll love the shades of pink, green and gold, colors which are a sure hit on the nail fashion industry. For a major bridal look, these features will be really luxurious and, also, great to wear. At Double Take Salon & Day Spa, they serve with cool and unique star-alike nail designs fit for a princess.

Beauty Nails and Wax

Beauty Nails and Wax Level up in style with a whole new set of nail designs by Beauty Nails and Wax. Without it, your wedding can be a disaster. Say hi to the newest as well as sweetest treats you can have in life. The fresh and juicy nail arts at Beauty Nails and Wax are absolutely amazing. You’ll love them! Feel true love at Beauty Nails and Wax. Drop a “Get near me!” sign on your finger tips with the most beautiful set of nails today.

Nail Time Co

Nail Time Co Get your nails a makeover at Nail Time Co. So hot and delightful to wear, choose from nail designs that combines glitter and glamour to the max! They are just right for the bride who wants to have nails screaming in delight and colors. As reviews has highly praised, Nail Time Co services cost from as low as $3 to as high as $44, so choose what’s best for your budget. And, have an awesome time at the salon, today.

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Salon Sophia

Salon Sophia Spend on a colorful galore of nails. Salon Sophia makes a total bridal look with today’s latest craze and trends on nail designs. Every piece of beads, stickers and nail color added to your nails show the best creations any guest can have at Kansas City. Not only does the most talented team can fulfill this, but these inspiring designs are made affordable and cheap for you to enjoy. Be confident and stand out with the perfect set of nails on the big day. They are the best thing you can ever wear.

Zoe Nails & Spa

Zoe Nails & Spa You’ve got more reasons to celebrate in allure on the big day. The ultimate set of nail designs is now offered at Zoe Nails & Spa, the no.1 nail spa hub in Kansas. Wear fashion at its best with the classic colors, millennium shades and special mix of nail paints carefully applied by the most talented nail artists at Kansas City. Hurry, run to the salon now and get to try them right away! Zoe Nails & Spa is what’s hot and cool this month.