Top 10 Rated San Francisco Caterers for Wedding and Other Events

Beverage Catering

Beverage Catering Beverage Catering gets to hosts only the biggest spectacular events of the city. Find well packed catering stations, buffet tables, wine bars and concierge. Beverage Catering works with vendors for the most affordable treats on menus. Its team of chefs and staff would be glad to assist you in personal needs, when it comes to adding your own picks for the big day. Some of the food lines are Hors D’ Oeuvres with seafood and crawfish choices, beverage stations as well as dessert trays. Being a top San Francisco catering, Beverage Catering is a most wanted choice in Bride’s of the metro.

Knight's Catering

Knight's Catering Knight's Catering has been seen at historic venues and premier locations for 45+ years. The group is a popular well awarded choice in weddings among San Francisco catering service companies. It promotes traditional food in weddings celebrations. Knight's Catering can serve from the quickest meetings to the most attended events. Menu line-up also consists of breakfast, plate lunches, sandwiches, sea foods and a big centerpiece cake. Your wedding is something lovely, Knight's Catering works with vendors Beaux Gateaux- Confections by Kay Dillon, Jade Studio Productions, Branch Out - Lisa Spegler and others for the fullest wedding celebration. One objective underlies: ensuring your event and experience exceeds your expectations.

Rebecca Jean

Rebecca Jean Rebecca Jean is found with an elegant full-service catering team at the metro. They know culinary touches and what it takes to serve beautiful tables for the guests from catering companies in San Francisco. Be it a party at homes, open courts, private estates, business offices, beach, halls or backdoor picnics, her team takes pride in a perfect celebrations that withstands the pressures of handling a one big important event. The team bears world class wedding coordinators, gorgeous selection of wedding cakes and a full bar service. Some of the menu items are Mexican food like Valen­cia Mexicana, seafood selection, Indian Basin and Caffe Mediter­ra­neum.

Bi-Rite Market Team

Bi-Rite Market Team Not to be left out, the town’s premier market also has what it takes to provide good foods to its people. Bi-Rite Market Team has a full-service cuisine with high-quality catering in San Francisco. With several years in the business and a motto of “Creating Community Through Food,” builds a spirit among local patrons of eating superlative foods at the Bi-Rite Market Team. Custom weddings packages are held in the best prices among the local caterers today. The team has been already acclaimed to have served numerous parties, business meetings, picnics and indoor venues. Where, a wide selection of menu with seasonal treats is given. For the big day, the Bi-Rite Market Team is the friendliest choice for you!

Paula LeDuc

Paula LeDuc Paula LeDuc started her own catering business in 1980 and has surpassed standards in making great quality food to success. Where, weddings are held with beauty, elegance and innovation at its menu. Each detail is carefully looked on by its wedding concierge, so that not one is forgotten from the list. Paula cooks delectable and healthy choices for her clients at California. There are BBQ versions, fresh salads, cheese and salad sticks as well as gourmet meat presentations. Other events held are company catering, picnic gathering, bridal showers and others. Try one of the top wedding catering companies in San Francisco, visit Paula now for gifts and giveaways!

Pampanguena Cuisine

Pampanguena Cuisine The secret behind Pampanguena Cuisine’s success is Josie. Serving authentic Filipino food, the restaurant started in Las Vegas and then branched out to San Francisco in 2010. Her family-owned recipes as well as original ones are greatly used it the kitchen’s cooking. Find the best delectable native Filipino plates from the finest Asian cuisine among top catering companies in San Francisco. Take the whole family and your friends to breakfast, lunch or dinners, during weddings, feasts and corporate bashes, everything looks good at Pampanguena Cuisine. For a full wedding celebration, go Asian in the rarest traditions, galore and occasions, visit them today!


McCalls McCalls serves modern dining amenities in California. Any grandest weddings are possible, thanks to the wonderful hands of its team. They have been known to provide a full-service catering made according to traditions in the state. Menu includes the most ingeniousness and fresh ingredients, you have loved to eat. For a mixture of taste and wellness, McCalls tops the list. Find quality food art and world class plates, pleasing to serve all ages from the youngest to the oldest population needing to eat good food, today. The restaurant is also a go green company promoting green management and food handling in full-service catering.

CHOICE Catering

CHOICE Catering CHOICE Catering serves best on black tie affairs and business meetings. Choose the restaurant now for the best priced custom menus in food items like Italian catering, American style buffet and European feasts. From the smallest to the grandest celebrations, your weddings will never be the same with the great great banquet feast across in San Francisco. CHOICE is a local hangout that keeps up with the latest food trends and art forms. Healthy plates are requested by call. In California, the restaurant has established a good reputation for serving only elegant food variations, today. CHOICE is a leading vendor among wedding catering companies at San Francisco.