Top 10 Rated Wedding Photographers in Virginia Beach, VA

Will King Photography

Will King Photography Photography for your wedding should come at an affordable rate, but also come from a professional who can truly capture your day. That is where Will King Photography comes in. This company works with each couple to ensure they get the services they need at a price they are comfortable with. This photographer specializes in weddings and portraits, meaning he understands the flow of your day and can capture your personality with a single well-timed photo. Contact this top wedding artist for complete details.

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Keith Cephus Photography

Keith Cephus Photography Everyone wants to have a world-renowned photographer shoot the biggest day of their life, and now you can when you hire Keith Cephus Photography. He has photographed celebrities, their weddings and lifestyle shoots and his work has been featured in many magazines. As a wedding photographer to the rich and famous, you know that hiring this man means that you are getting the very best work. The personality and experience of this artist will put you at ease, as he makes sure each client’s character is captured on film.

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Andi & Zoe Photography

Andi & Zoe Photography Andi & Zoe is the collaborative work of two photographers to give clients the most inclusive wedding photography possible in Virginia. Each of these photographers has a unique style all of their own, but also one that meshes perfectly with the style of the other. Each one is outgoing; making clients laugh and enjoy their experience. For complete wedding coverage, you will pay $3,900. The best way to reserve them for your big day is to call and speak with them about your day and your needs.

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Echard Wheeler Photography

Echard Wheeler Photography Some photographers shoot only on the weekends as a side hobby. Echard, of Echard Wheeler Photographer, uses his camera and photographs every single day. His camera is like an extension of him in this way. Focusing on capturing weddings as his career, this photographer has become the very best in his field because of his understanding of the entire event. The planning you have put in to making this day special should be captured by a charismatic professional who has a fun and unique style.

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Custom Photography

Custom Photography You and your partner are unique as a couple, so choosing a Virginia Beach wedding photographer who understands that is key to getting the very best images and best package for your big day. The style of the photographers at Custom Photography is simple and personalized to you. They get to know you and therefore can work with you better and capture you naturally on the big day. These photographers are professional as well, not hobbyists so you know their technique and editing will be flawless.

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Sarah Ashley Photography

Sarah Ashley Photography Sarah Ashley Photography has covered every type of event for the people of Virginia Beach since she began offering her artistry to the public. She has taken family portraits, lifestyle sessions, military events, engagements, weddings and more. Reviews of this photographer’s work make it clear that you will not need videography services to capture your day as she perfectly takes photos of you and your guests and the entire spirit of the day. Sarah clearly lists her prices for print, but for availability, contacting her is the best way to reserve a date.

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Studio 110 Photography

Studio 110 Photography Studio 110 was formed by Chris Taylor and Roy Widgeon, two professional wedding and portrait photographers in Virginia Beach Virginia. They would photograph weddings as individuals and when they were available they would assist each other in the secondary photographer role. They quickly noticed that as individuals they were great but as a pair they were elevating the wedding experience to the next level. The response from the Bride's and Groom's was the only proof needed to see that this was meant to be. With two photographers they were able to be more relaxed and be even more in tune with the needs of the Bride's and everyone involved.

Bryan Myhr Photography

Bryan Myhr Photography Bryan has been a working journalistic photographer since 2001, photographing for the East Hampton Independent, documenting his unit's deployment's to Baghdad in 2003 and 2006 and the Virginian-Pilot in 2007. After the downturn of the newspaper industry, he focused on wedding photography by the recommendation of a friend and has been totally dedicated to the craft ever since. He is a photographic educator at TCC, teaching studio lighting and history of photography. His journalistic background, art education and technical prowess sets him apart.

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Kinstler Photography

Kinstler Photography The work offered by Kinstler Photography is not only beautiful but it truly captures the raw emotions of each client. Stephen, the man behind the lens, works to develop a relationship with his clients to better achieve his photography goals. To do this, you will have a wedding consultation with him before the big day. By doing this, you can better get a feel for his style of work, he can better understand what you would like, and you can both see if your personalities suit each other.

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