Top 10 Rated Austin Laser Hair Removal Salons

McGrath Cosmetic

McGrath Cosmetic Amongst salons offering laser hair removal in Austin, TX, McGrath Cosmetics is by far the most professional. They have achieved this level of quality by providing two of the most important things when it comes to laser hair removal: information and total client dedication. Their team makes sure that each client knows exactly what treatment they are having and why each stage is necessary. They make sure you have peace of mind by showing you how their process is safe and expertly carried out.

Silky Body

Silky Body Amongst the Austin laser hair removal salons, Silky Body stands out. This clinic makes sure that their clients know that they are not a spa. As a medically certificated clinic they take your privacy, dignity and safety extremely seriously. They match their skill with their ability to bring ease to each of their clients. Through a friendly and helpful approach they make the treatment as pleasant as possible. Added to this, Silky Body tailors each payment plan so the cost of your treatment is in your budget.

Austin Laser Professionals

Austin Laser Professionals The owner of Austin Laser Professionals, Dallas Johnston, has been working in the cosmetic industry for several years. Being a licensed laser hair removal professional is only the beginning of what she and her team can offer you. At Austin Laser Professionals they do not offer a cheap, low quality service but make sure that each client receives the very best. Whether you need: your bikini line seen to for your honeymoon, a Brazilian or unwanted hair taken care of on your face, they will provide affordable and superb treatment.

Rejuvenate Austin

Rejuvenate Austin The team at Rejuvenate Austin, led by Dr. Wright, knows the value of discreet and understanding service when it comes to laser hair removal. Using the latest technology, they are able to achieve the best end result for almost every skin type. Firstly they cool the area with ice to make the process as painless as possible. Not only will this all be explained to you but they take pride in informing clients of every step of the treatment, so they can be relaxed and enjoy the process.

Tender Laser Care

Tender Laser Care Throughout Texas it would be difficult to find a salon that is as personal and discreet as Tender Laser Care. They understand how nervous their clients can be on their first time so they make sure to be helpful and always caring. To help make your decision they also include all of their client’s comments and reviews. They ask that clients contact them for their prices, so they can discuss tailor-made solutions and payment plans. For laser hair removal for your wedding there really is no better choice.

Aqua Blue Beauty & Bodyworks

Aqua Blue Beauty & Bodyworks The team at Aqua Blue Beauty & Bodyworks believes in treating the whole body and not just what their client comes in for. This means from the moment you step through the door you are in the very best of hands. Treating your unwanted hair is carried out by highly-trained professionals who also are experts in making you feel comfortable. With the latest technology and an affordable pricing system, you will have the body you want for your special day in no time.

True Weight Loss Clinic

True Weight Loss Clinic Starting with a free consultation, you will be amazed by the great value you can get with True Weight Loss Clinic. As a refreshing change from hidden extra costs, they display their price chart clearly. This kind of honest and open approach is exactly how your whole experience will be. Continuing with the trend of the truth, True Weight Loss Clinic does not claim the hair removal procedures to be permanent. They do, however, know that it will last for several years, which is more than enough time for your wedding and honeymoon.

Amere Juve

Amere Juve As experts in everything cosmetic, Amere Juve truly appreciates the desire to look perfect on your wedding day. They will be able to achieve this by applying the latest technology in laser hair removal. They are so confident in their abilities that they offer the first treatment of all new clients for free. After you see their incredible abilities, their safe practices and the low prices that come with them, you will definitely be making them part of your regular beauty routine.

Austin Med Spa

Austin Med Spa While this team of medical and cosmetic professionals offers a huge range of services, their laser hair removal treatment is becoming famous in the local area. They understand that it can be nerve-wracking the first time you visit a beauty center to receive this kind of treatment. That is why they ensure that they inform each client before their visit of exactly what is going to happen. Once you arrive they will take care of you, not only your body but also your mind. You will come away feeling like a new woman.