Top 10 Rated Houston Nail Salons

Upton Nail and Spa

Upton Nail and Spa Starting in 2008, Upton Nail and Spa never ceases to provide guests with high quality nail salon and spa services. Located in the Meyerland Shopping Center, one can find the most enjoyable manicure and pedicure services around in Texas. In fact, this is a main goal by the salon. The team is composed of highly skilled Nail Technicians dedicated to your personal care and full satisfaction in achieving the most elegant set of nails, whether at your feet or hands. Visit Upton Nail and Spa right away, where health and safety comes first.

Citris Nail Spa

Citris Nail Spa Get pampered and spoil your nails with the brands of Shellac, Gelish, OPI, Essie and Creative Nail Design at Citris Nail Spa. Get them shiny, shaded and re-shaped to perfection at Citris Nail Spa. Your nails deserved to be beautiful as you are. And, almost see a “Get near me!" sign from the juiciest, sweetest set of nails. Also at this great great local salon, guests are left with amazing results you are looking for in the most modern nail spa, today.

Nail Tek'niqs

Nail Tek'niqs Enjoy a new style of glamour in nails using charms, tattoos and rhinestones offered by Nail Tek'niqs in the best prices available today by a nail spa. Or have your milk manicure, pedicure and nail enhancements while lying on a spa massaging chair, taking a splurge in a Jacuzzi footbath and enjoying the comfort of a vibrating back massage. This smells so good and brings positive vibes to our personal aura, because of its Aromatherapy soak, toenail trim, cuticle pushing, sloughing, polish, plus a foot and leg massage.

Classic Nails

Classic Nails Classic Nails is a leading nail spa across nail salons in Houston, TX. Enter a place of comfort and peace with the most lavishing organic hand and foot treatments. At Classic Nails, each guest takes a plunge to a homely and, at the same time, plush space, just right to getaway from the day’s fatigue and stress of work. The staffs work using magical skills in harmony with nature. Customizable nail, pedicure, manicure and waxing services are offered at Classic Nails in the most affordable list of packages for you.

Nails by Mary

Nails by Mary Nails by Mary salon is a popular Houston nail salon. An old-fashioned attractiveness or charm, the place is situated just a few steps away across the corner of S. Shepherd Drive and Richmond Avenue. Where, employees are really friendly, whom you can consult on a one-on-one basis. They actually treat guests as family. Nails by Mary specializes in nothing but nails. From simple to the most complicated procedure, the group is confident and 100% committed to making your day special with a new set of shiny nails to show-off.

Q Nails and Spa

Q Nails and Spa Q Nails and Spa is the only nail salon in the city to offer a special area for nail treatments in kids. Now, children under 10 years old can enjoy the usual manicure and pedicure for a low price of $20.00. Together with their moms, they can also receive a comforting foot bath on massage chair, nail shaping, buffing as well as a cuticle work, hand exfoliation and body massage. According to reviews gathered, Q Nails and Spa is the top choice among local patrons today. Go there now and have your nails polish to perfection!

Gilded Salon

Gilded Salon Gilded Salon was opened in 1992 at Spring Branch and owned by LoAnn Pham. This authority of beauty has been a favorite artist on weddings, high school dances and birthday parties for the most primal hair updos and makeups in countless times, from 1990 until now. Gilded Salon is a full service one-stop-shop for your most desired hair styles, hair cuts, colors, body waxing and, of course, nails treatment. Choose from a range of nail care treatments such as the basic manicure and pedicure, spa manicure and pedicure, French manicure and pedicure, Shellac French manicure and fill-ins. Prices are cheap and start from $5 to $30.

Beauty by Irma

Beauty by Irma Beauty by Irma is a hip and hot salon at Houston. It takes pride of its exceptional nail features that lets each guest to walk-in a refreshing and rejuvenation of the beauty of your nails. Nail artistry and hand treatments are carefully applied by expert aestheticians and nail artists of our times. If you don’t know, hand treatment is still a new field to get to know in the industry of nail salon. While, nail artistry should always bear the most original designs using flowers and decals. See the team at work! Visit the no.1 nail salon in Houston today.

Venetian Nail Spa

Venetian Nail Spa On one side, if you are looking for a not so typical nail salon, Venetian Nail Spa is a one-stop-class of European excellence in nail services. Have a mixture of vibrance, savviness, practicality in the no.1 nail salon across the industry. At Venetian, you are protected of peace and beauty for your well being. Its 22 luxurious pedicure massage chairs and 18 nail stations are well known for bearing the highest standard in sterilization and inspection control with individual UV sanitizer at Houston.