Top 10 Rated Houston Laser Hair Removal Salons

My Bare Lady

My Bare Lady Is there anything more freeing than knowing that everything about your body is taken care of for your wedding day? This should include having your body prepped for the big celebration by having laser hair removal in Houston, TX. The best place to have this done is at My Bare Lady, a company with the most experienced technicians and the latest laser technology. The team and the owner of this salon are passionate about making their clients look and feel their best all the time.

Allure Laser Studio

Allure Laser Studio By appointment only, you will receive the most personalized Houston laser hair removal from Allure Laser Studio. The first thing that puts this beauty center ahead of the competition is their certifications. These experts will explain everything you need to know about their gentle hair removal services. Once you have been educated and feel comfortable, they will get started, providing better results than any other salon and faster procedures as well. With knowledge, speed and accuracy, you really could not ask for more from your hair removal company.

Joseph M. Perlman

Joseph M. Perlman If you want a hair removal treatment that is going to be effective for longer periods of time, fast and painless then waxing and shaving are not good options. Laser hair removal from Joseph M. Perlman is the only way to make sure you never have to deal with unwanted hair again. Reviews of this company make it clear that they are up front about how the procedures work and what they can do to make the entire process comfortable.

Bella Nova Spa

Bella Nova Spa Bella Nova Spa is a place where all can be pampered from head to toe including massage, facials, waxing, and laser hair removal. These are all things that can make any client, especially a bride to be, feel ready for whatever lies ahead. They offer packages of hair removal that include different areas of the body with packages and prices relative to the areas of the body they treat. There are options for treating individual areas as well as including the bikini line or providing a total Brazilian.

Mirror Mirror Beauty Boutique

Mirror Mirror Beauty Boutique Laser hair removal is a completely new procedure to some and an old trusted practice for others. Whatever level of familiarity you have with the procedure, Dr. Vitenas will make you feel completely at ease with the services they provide. They do not use any anesthesia but rather a painless gentle laser that pulses to damage hair follicles and prevent further growth. After just one treatment you will see incredible results that are sure to make you feel more confident.

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Sleek Laser & Skin Center

Sleek Laser & Skin Center Laser hair removal can be used to treat more serious issues and problems with unwanted hair or can be used for completely cosmetic purposes. Whether you have absurdly thick hair growth or would like to have smooth skin for your wedding day, Sleek Laser & Skin Center is the only local salon that is able to make any client’s skin feel totally smooth. The treatments do not hurt and can result in the permanent removal of hair from unwanted areas.

Mia Bella Esthetics

Mia Bella Esthetics Is there anything better than having your skin be smooth, fresh and moisturized for the day ahead or a special occasion? For weddings in particular, there are a lot of things to do in terms of beauty care and laser hair removal should be one of those things. This procedure can help reduce hair growth and thickness, sometimes even resulting in permanent hair removal. Mia Bella Esthetics is one clinic providing top quality hair removal that is painless and effective for all.

Esta Kronberg MD

Esta Kronberg MD Esta Kronberg MD is not your typical beauty salon offering laser hair removal in Texas, but rather a medical salon that uses the latest technology and certified techniques in order to provide a safe and effective treatment. This center is the home of board certified dermatologists so you know that you are in the hands of professionals who have received all of the education needed to provide patients with the services they need and want. Schedule an appointment and discuss what they can do for you.

Amici Aesthetics

Amici Aesthetics Amici Aesthetics is a premier Houston Area MedSpa with an innovative approach to non - invasive face and body care . Whether you are looking for a complete skin rejuvenation using the latest laser equipment or sculpting your body with the best in body contouring technology such as coolsculpting , we can help in our state - of - the - art facility in Friendswood Tx . Our full range of Med Spa services include: PRP Facelift & Facials, Injectables & Fillers (Botox, Kybella, Juvederm, etc) Chemical Peels and laser hair removal