Top 10 Rated Jacksonville Wedding Cake Bakeries

Sweetcakes Jax

Sweetcakes Jax Sweetcakes Jax has been known in the wedding industry to deliver a custom, beautiful cake flawlessly to any event they are hired for. Their delicious creations make a beautiful centerpiece for weddings while their baby shower cakes and birthday cakes are perfect for a personalized or themed party. With every shape, size, color and flavor option imaginable, you can have the cake of your dreams made to perfection by the experts at this company. This shop also offers a huge range of cupcake options too.

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Kakes by Katie

Kakes by Katie Kakes by Katie is one of the few professional home bakeries for wedding cakes in Jacksonville, FL. This fully licensed and insured baker creates all of her confections in her home kitchen, where she is most comfortable creating. This unique style for a cake bakery allows Katie the chance to have a personal consultation with clients in her home, making them feel comfortable with her and her talents as well as giving Katie a chance to design a custom cake.

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The Chocolate Seashell

The Chocolate Seashell The Chocolate Seashell is the home of one of the most unique cake designers in Ohio and possibly the country. This shop is a bakery and chocolate shop all in one. The confection designer in the store draws inspiration from the sea to create many of her treats. As a top rated boutique, this company molds chocolate and sugar to create pieces of edible art and edible cake toppers and decorations. For something unique for your event and unique to the cake industry, this company is the best.

Fabulous Cakes

Fabulous Cakes Fabulous Cakes is known for creating some of the most unique custom cakes for weddings and parties throughout Ohio. From a cake that looks exactly like a pirate ship to one that looks like a basketball and sneaker, this company can make any cake vision come to life. For weddings, this company uses pops of color and makes edible decorations to create something one-of-a-kind. With classic affordable options paired with completely unique flavor combinations, colors and designs, you will be sure to have an amazing Jacksonville wedding cake.

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Cupcake Connection Bakery

Cupcake Connection Bakery The Cupcake Connection Bakery was founded in 1993. Since then, this store has grown in popularity because word of their fresh and delicious confections has been spreading throughout Florida. This store specializes in homemade dessert classics and custom creations as well. They have a selection of cocktail inspired cupcakes that would be perfect for a bachelor or bachelorette party as well as classic cake options that would suit any wedding reception. For unique flavors and tasty desserts, this store has it all.

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Amy’s Cakes and Pastries

Amy’s Cakes and Pastries Having a special cake to celebrate your wedding day can be brought to life by the team of bakers and decorators at Amy’s Cakes & Pastries. This shop specializes in making custom cakes for weddings and any other occasion. The team at this store is truly made up of artists who create flavor combinations and edible decorations that will suit your style and that of your event as well. Make an appointment to try some of their creations for yourself and then work with the designers to make your dream cake.

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