Top 10 Rated Wedding Videographers in Milwaukee, WI

Together Wedding Photography & Video

Together Wedding Photography & Video Many artists are offering photography and video rather than just one. This is because they have a range of talents that cover both mediums and a keen eye in either capacity. Together Wedding Photography & Video is one such company serving the needs of Wisconsin couples more than any other company in the area. While the photography is important for capturing special moments, the video is where you can really see the movement of the day, add music to mirror the emotions and listen to the words of friends and family.

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Video Verite Productions

Video Verite Productions Video Verite Productions is the life’s work and passion of the talented Milwaukee wedding videographer, Marisa. This woman loves to capture those intimate moments of your special occasion without interference. Marisa truly gets involved in the events that she is capturing, laughing and crying alongside all of the other wedding guests. This videographer acts as a wallflower, giving you the truest perspective of your big day without posing you in those formal traditional shots that don’t truly represent how your day has gone.

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Old New Borrowed Cinema

Old New Borrowed Cinema Your wedding day is the most important day of your life thus far, and you only have one chance to make it perfect and the videographer only has one chance to capture it. Old New Borrowed Cinema is a company that specializes in capturing weddings and have flawlessly done so for countless ceremonies and receptions, so you know you are leaving the wedding film in capable hands. As one of the top companies, these professionals know what moments you will want to cherish forever.


LuvFilms Your wedding day will be like a big blur of excitement that will seem to pass in the blink of an eye, so having a wedding videographer there to capture it all is the best way to make sure you don’t miss a moment of it and can see the small details that you might have missed. LuvFilms produces beautiful and intimate wedding videos that will show you all of the details of your big day so you can remember and cherish the event and the love you share forever.

Jim Wendt Video Productions

Jim Wendt Video Productions Jim, of Jim Wendt Productions, began his career over 30 years ago when he graduated from college with a degree in Audio/Visuals. After working as a professional musician and recording musical performances, Jim has branched out to offer his videography for special occasions and events like weddings, reunions, dance recitals and more. You can trust that this man has the experience and technical knowledge as well as creativity and artistry to capture all of the romance of your wedding day.

Charms Video Productions

Charms Video Productions Charms Video Productions specializes in capturing weddings in a style that complements the couple and never interferes with the event. This company uses the latest equipment to get the best video possible and shoots from two angles using two high-quality cameras. Every aspect of the wedding will not only be captured beautifully, but the sound and images will be undoubtedly clear. This company is famous for producing a final product that their clients will love and cherish for the rest of their lives.

Central Video Services

Central Video Services Packages to book the videography of Central Video Services for your big day start at the price of $495.00. This price is simply unheard of in the industry that is flooded with talented cinematographers and hobbyists. This company can offer such low prices because they love weddings and they want to provide the best quality services for the largest number of clients. You will not sacrifice any quality and will have a list of services to choose from to customize your package if you would like more than the basic coverage.

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Champagne Studios

Champagne Studios Reviews of Champagne Studios have said that this company made them feel like they really had a friend when it came to working together to get the best footage possible. The experts work with their clients closely, before, during and after the big day to ensure they are doing everything they can to tell your love story. This team not only provides the best service, but they do so at affordable rates considering the romantic and heirloom quality film that will result from their work.

Once Fine Day Productions

Once Fine Day Productions One Fine Day Productions is a team of the best wedding videographers in Milwaukee, WI. This company offers to capture weddings in the most beautiful and romantic way possible while maintaining the highest level of quality. They can make films in a modern style or with a rustic and vintage look. Either way, you can be sure that the video you receive at the end of their editing and production process will truly tell the story of your big day and of your love as a couple.