Top 10 Rated Milwaukee Wedding Cake Bakeries

Mila’s European Bakery

Mila’s European Bakery Mila’s European Bakery is known for bringing a taste of European richness to their treats and confections. This bakery uses the finest and freshest ingredients in order to make all of their desserts, paying special attention to their delicious wedding cakes. They have made wedding cakes in Milwaukee, WI for countless couples using interesting and delicious flavor combinations. Desserts from this bakery will exceed all of your expectations in style, artistry, and richness. The passion of this bakery is clear in every bite.

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Let Them Eat Cakes

Let Them Eat Cakes Your wedding day should be completely about you. You should be wearing clothes that make you feel special, eating your favorite foods, and indulging in a delicious tiered cake. Let Them Eat Cake is one of the cake bakeries that specialize in making delicious and personalized wedding cakes that exceed the expectations of their clients in style, creativity and taste. Whatever you want for your wedding cake, this company can make it happen. After an initial consultation and tasting, your cake will be in very capable hands.

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Cakes by Stephanie

Cakes by Stephanie Cakes by Stephanie has been baking Milwaukee wedding cakes for over 30 years. With years of experience, this baker is never comfortable resting on her already well-developed skills, and is always working to improve by taking classes and improving her techniques. By staying up to date on the latest trends, this baker can also offer you any style you would like from modern cake looks to traditional ones. You can surely trust the skills of a baker who is constantly working to improve her skills and talents to best serve customers.

Slice Custom Cakes

Slice Custom Cakes There are few bakeries that offer custom cakes as affordable as those from Slice Custom Cakes. This store does not want to overcharge you simply because you are having a wedding cake rather than a birthday cake or baby shower cake. They want to give couples the chance to have a cake they love without breaking the bank. Prices for a traditional flavor start at $2.35 per serving which is low considering most companies charge more than $3 per serving.

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Cakes by Erin Salerno

Cakes by Erin Salerno You should be taken care of by all of your wedding vendors, especially the ones who are making something unique and personalized. Erin, at Cakes by Erin Salerno works to make beautiful and artistic confections that her customers will love. Since she is only available by appointment and only makes a select number of cakes per year, you can be sure that this baker will make you a top priority. Enjoy a beautiful and creatively made cake by Erin for your wedding.

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Cake Guru

Cake Guru Cake Guru is one of the few cake bakeries in Wisconsin that truly takes care of their customers throughout the planning process. They host large tastings twice a month in which they bake 15 flavor combinations for a large group to come and taste. This is the first step they recommend before coming in for a more personalized tasting and cake consultation with a designer. This company makes it clear to potential clients that they are busy during the wedding season and very popular so booking them early is a must.

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Creations for the Moment

Creations for the Moment Your wedding cake will act as the centerpiece for your reception and as the focal point during the cake cutting so the cake you choose should be beautiful and representative of your tastes as a couple. Creations for the Moment can help you by designing and creating a towering custom wedding cake and cake toppers that suit your event perfectly. You will meet with an expert to come up with a design before they make it into a reality for the big day.

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Delicately Delicious

Delicately Delicious It is clear from the moment you see and taste the confections of Delicately Delicious that this company has a talent for making mouthwatering cakes. For weddings, this company puts their skills to the test to make flawless custom cakes. For $10, you can enjoy a cake tasting of all of the most popular flavor combinations this company offers as well as 30 minutes with the cake designer to ensure they understand what you want and will be able to match your style with their design before choosing the right cake for you.

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Grebe’s Bakery

Grebe’s Bakery Your wedding will be special no matter what because it is the day that you and your partner commit to be together for the rest of your lives. Though this is true, having a beautiful custom cake to add to the event can make it feel even more exciting. Grebe’s Bakery offers the best towering creations that will suit your style and your number of guests and tastes. With countless flavors to choose from, you can be sure to have your favorite and completely satisfy that sweet tooth.

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