Top 10 Rated Tucson Wedding and Engagement Rings Designers

Ambassador Diamond Jewelers

Ambassador Diamond Jewelers For over 50 years, Arizona couples have been shopping at Ambassador Diamond Jewelers. What sets this store apart from the rest? Firstly, they keep up with the latest jewelry fashions and trends. To do this, they constantly change their inventory to keep things current. Secondly, they have a large selection of estate and antique jewelry that gives you choices from any time period. Last, their friendly service is unbeatable as they make each customer feel relaxed and totally helped throughout the shopping process

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Abbott Taylor Jewelers

Abbott Taylor Jewelers If you have shopped at Abbott Taylor Jewelers, whether you bought something or not, chances are you will shop there again. The pleasant experience is unique to this store. The low-pressure sales environment will let you feel at ease, whether you are browsing for ideas or seriously shopping; either way, you will get the full care and attention of the professionals behind the counters. They have chosen their collection to specialize in original and custom designs to suit each individual client’s needs.

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La Jolla Diamonds & Gems

La Jolla Diamonds & Gems La Jolla Diamonds & Gems is the home of some of the most unique and beautiful jewels, specifically wedding bands and engagement rings. The selection is unmatched as are their services. If you cannot find the perfect ring in their collection, they can help you custom design one. Whether you have an idea already in mind or would like the designers to come up with something one-of-a-kind, they will meet your needs completely. They use the latest technology and precise craftsmanship to make your dream ring a reality.

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Stewart Kuper Jewelers

Stewart Kuper Jewelers Stewart Kuper Jewelers is the first and last stop for many couples looking in Tucson for engagement rings. With their award winning selection and unbeatable service, there is no need to shop anywhere else. They have built their outstanding reputation by providing honest and friendly service customers can trust. The jewels that are selected for this store by the staff are put through a rigorous quality check to make sure they are only offering the very best that money can buy.

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Pierini Designer Jewelry

Pierini Designer Jewelry Pierini Designer Jewelry is focused on providing their customers with the most unique wedding rings in Tucson. The store specially chooses designers based on more than just their national popularity, but on the quality of their work and what they think the customers in their store will love. The store has the work of designers who specialize in metalwork and custom diamond settings to name a few. For men and for women they can custom design rings and jewelry using the latest digital technology.

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Kevin Jewelers

Kevin Jewelers Kevin Jewelers is one of the most extensive jewelry stores in Tucson. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, this store has come to offer every kind of jewelry imaginable. They offer rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, necklaces and that is just the beginning. For each kind of jewelry they have countless sub-categories to suit your exact needs. With such a large inventory, the best way to find what you need is to stop into the store and talk to one of the experts.

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Rainbow Jewelers Inc

Rainbow Jewelers Inc Rainbow Jewelers Inc. works with clients to earn their trust. They know that buying jewelry is a commitment, so they want you to feel comfortable with the people you are buying from. They have a reputation in Arizona for being honest about the jewelry they have in store and fair when they give an estimate on custom made jewelry. For two generations, this store has become the go-to place for engagement rings in Tucson, AZ because of their stellar quality.

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S. Silverberg & Sons Jewelers

S. Silverberg & Sons Jewelers Affordable is a relative term. Jewelry that is affordable for some is certainly not affordable for others. That is why this store offers prices that truly are for everyone. They have a range of jewelry that is simple and understated as well as high end and elaborate at prices high and low. The store also offers custom design and jewelry repair. From a quick in-store consultation, the specialists can use your needs and budget to present you with rings to match your style.

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Antique Reflections

Antique Reflections Antique jewelry has already stood the test of time, making it popular among couples today who want a ring which represents their lasting love. By shopping at Antique Reflections, couples are able to browse through their ever-changing collection of vintage pieces that are of heirloom quality. The pieces they offer are hand selected for their quality. Many of them fit into a specific style of antique jewelry from another time. Whether you are looking for a chunky art deco or Victorian style, this jeweler has it all.