Top 10 Rated Tucson Wedding Cake Bakeries

Cayley Cakes

Cayley Cakes Cayley Cakes is a cake bakery that specializes in making delicious wedding cakes. They have various sizes, shapes and flavors for couples to choose from so they can have their favorite cake in a beautiful package. With prices starting at $1.50 per serving, these cakes are not only unique and delicious but the come at some of the most affordable prices in the business. This is also one of the few cake bakeries in the area that offers to set up a themed candy bar in addition to the cake.

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La Baguette Bakery

La Baguette Bakery There is nothing more classic than a dessert made my a French chef and professional baker, so couples are having their cake made by the owner and operator of La Baguette Bakery, Coraline Satta. This woman has been baking since a very young age with her grandmother in Marseilles, so you know she has had the time to develop her expert skills and design creativity. This chef also creates top quality desserts and confections for special occasions that are sure to make any event even more memorable.

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Robert’s Catering Inc.

Robert’s Catering Inc. Robert’s Catering Inc. is one of the few companies that can meet all of your wedding food and dessert needs. In addition to their delicious catering, this company is known for creating some of the more innovative and interesting Tucson wedding cakes. By using the best and freshest ingredients, this team is able to bring your cake dreams to life in a beautiful towering confection. There is nothing more memorable than having a custom cake that was made in your favorite flavor to represent your tastes and style as couple.

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Sweet Bean Cupcakery

Sweet Bean Cupcakery You could have a traditional baby shower cake, birthday cake or wedding cake, but those can be difficult to serve and can only be made in one flavor. Sweet Bean Cupcakery remedies theses problems by providing the finest quality cupcakes for a variety of events. These cupcakes cannot only be made in a range of flavors to suit you and your guests, but the can each be decorated uniquely. These cupcakes are a great addition to a small wedding cake for the couple or on their own.

Blissful Sweet Cakes

Blissful Sweet Cakes If you would like a beautifully and locally made wedding cake in Tucson, AZ, then look no further than Blissful Sweet Cakes. This company has all of the options of a large chain bakery with much more flavor and personalized service. Putting the needs and desires of their customers first is what has made this bakery so successful. Whether you want a traditional tiered cake with a twist or something totally original, this company can make it happen for your big day.

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Couture Cake Jewelry

Couture Cake Jewelry Your wedding cake is the centerpiece of your wedding reception. Couture Cake Jewelry makes beautiful custom cake toppers to make your beautiful wedding cake even more special. It can be made in the shape of a symbol that represents you as a couple or it can have a number, initial, or names as a few of the options. This company has been recognized by the Wedding Wire for their creative creations so you know they provide the highest quality work in Arizona.

Got Cupcakes

Got Cupcakes While a towering cake is the traditional wedding option, more couples are choosing to serve cupcakes or a combination of the two. Got Cupcakes provides elegant and delicious cupcakes for any occasion, including formal ones like weddings. This shop can provide couples with a wedding cake for them to cut into together as well as a variety of cupcakes for them to serve to their guests. This not only makes serving dessert a seamless process, but it also means the couple can choose more unique flavors and decorative options.

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Cece’s Sweet Creations

Cece’s Sweet Creations Cece’s Sweet Creations is the home of the most interesting and varied cake flavors in the industry. This company takes great pride in the fact that they use the freshest ingredients possible. They have traditional cake flavors, like chocolate, marble, vanilla and red velvet as well as specialty flavors like banana, pina colada and white chocolate. Add these options to the countless frostings and fillings and you have the widest selection available for your wedding cake. Your wedding confection will be the very best in taste, quality and design.

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