Top 10 Rated Wedding Photographers in Albuquerque, NM

Frank Frost Photography

Frank Frost Photography Frank Frost Photography is all about capturing people. Though he does not want to be labeled as a portrait artist, he is a self-proclaimed ‘people photographer.’ His talent for shooting people is clear from the very first image you see. This specialty makes him perfect for shooting engagements and weddings. By choosing this company’s wedding package, you can be sure that the true spirit of you and your partner will be shot as well as the real personalities of all of your guests.

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Twin Lens Images

Twin Lens Images Kitty and Craig have received many honors and awards for their photography work, mainly because of their talent and unique documentary style. This husband and wife team work flawlessly together and totally in sync as they shoot your wedding. As they are a unique couple themselves, they make their photographing of your event and package one-of-a-kind as well. This means that the best way to get an idea of the rates for their varied services is by contacting them directly.

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Blue Rose Photography

Blue Rose Photography It is clear from the very first image you see that has been taken by Blue Rose Photography that their focus is on capturing the romance and emotion of any couple or event they shoot. For relaxing wedding coverage provided by the best wedding photographers in New Mexico, this is the company for you. This company is specialized in weddings but has expanded to meet the needs of your family as it grows, which is why they shoot maternity and family images as well.

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Photography by Talitha A. Tarromore

Photography by Talitha A. Tarromore Photography by Talitha A. Tarromore is known for her ‘moment driven photography.’ This means that the photographer doesn’t only shoot the traditional posed wedding pictures but really has a talent for shooting those precious and fleeting moments that happen throughout the event that would otherwise go unseen. Her wedding packages range from $2,550 and up. Though this is not the most affordable photography option, the raw talent and careful technique of this Albuquerque wedding photographer are well worth the price.

Sweet William Photography

Sweet William Photography A husband and wife team of professional photographers is always a bonus. The two have chosen to work together and share their lives because they are completely in sync. Sweet William Photography allows Ashley and William, the wedding photographers, the chance to shoot your event, completely complementing one another as they capture every angle possible. Though William is the main photographer, the pair works effortlessly together to make you feel comfortable with them and at ease in from of the camera.

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Kevins Photography

Kevins Photography Kevin’s Photography has been in business for over 30 years. In this time, the photographer and his staff have perfected the techniques and skills that have always been supported by their raw talents. The team at Kevin’s consists of a specialized unit to assist with wedding photography coordination, ensuring the execution on the day is flawless. With a professional lab, the photographers are able to bring your images to life in hard copies of the highest quality after they have spent your wedding day by your side.

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Bryans Photography LLC.

Bryans Photography LLC. Bryan’s Photography, LLC is one of the oldest and most respected wedding photographers in the whole of New Mexico. The professional photographers at this company produce high quality images 100% of the time. They are truly a team of artists who use their talent to make your day as special as possible. In any style, these experts can make you look as beautiful as you feel on camera. Though this team photographs full-time, they do not consider it work, but rather a labor of love.

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Lauren Cherie Photography

Lauren Cherie Photography We are a husband and wife photography team specializing in Wedding and Portrait photography. We are based in New Mexico serving all of New Mexico and beyond. Photography is without a doubt, our passion in life and I absolutely love capturing sweet memories for our clients on a daily basis! Cherish Your Memories Today!

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Seth Goodman Photography

Seth Goodman Photography Seth Goodman Photography has been in business since 2002. Since then, the company and the man behind the company’s name have been hired for their creativity for countless weddings. This family man has always been a photographer, but has truly come into his talent since photographing families and weddings. Reviews from former clients highly regard how easy and helpful he was to work with while praising the final edited photos they received as even better than they had hoped for.

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