Top 10 Rated Durham Wedding Venues, Reception and Banquet Halls

Aloft Durham Downtown

Aloft Durham Downtown You can have your family and friends in this venue because it comes with guest rooms. The big point of this location is that it may not have a garden wedding venue but it holds the ace for the top of the range wedding events. The prices for the banquet halls are moderate and can fit into your budget. It’s essential to mention that the staff in this facility are professional and would be able to help you put the right spark to your event.

The Cotton Room at Golden Belt

The Cotton Room at Golden Belt Among the various Durham wedding venues, there is something that makes The Cotton Room at Golden Belt unique. The venue has a beautiful brick and ceiling design that fills you with nostalgia. It is a unique place that captures the positive energy that reverberates through your wedding. Interestingly, this is one of the most affordable places you can find in downtown Durham. It gives you the lift and the right spirit to celebrate your big day in style.

Millennium Hotel Durham

Millennium Hotel Durham This hotel has one of the most sought after reception halls for an elegant wedding event. It holds an amazing place in entrenching the ideals of Southern hospitality. The many positive reviews that this hotel has makes it the right place for the discerning mind to celebrate a wedding. Your heart belongs to a location that would help you make the most of your wedding, quinceanera and give your guests a treat. The Millennium Hotel Durham is your best choice for an iconic wedding celebration.

Durham Convention Center

Durham Convention Center The sublime facility, professional staff, and many other factors make Durham Convention Center one of the unique wedding venues in Durham, NC. The venue captures the essence of dynamism because it gives you lots of options to choose. The event center has a fantastic cuisine, and the space is ideal for weddings and wedding reception. The management team has helped position Durham Convention Center as one of the best places to hold your big day in North Carolina.


Parizade The detail and energy that flow in this place make it the perfect small venue for your wedding. Interestingly, Parizade can be used as a wedding chapel before you quickly convert it to a classy reception. There’s no dull moment because everything comes to life at Parizade. It’s time for you to create the right moments for your wedding and this comes down to the choice of your venue. Take things to a new level at the best party venue in Durham.