Top 10 Rated Hialeah Wedding and Engagement Rings Designers

Cracco Jewelry

Cracco Jewelry Cracco Jewelry is devoted to providing high-quality modern and vintage rings and diamonds. Being one of the best Hialeah engagement rings vendors, Cracco has for more than thirty years been selling Brazilian gold layered jeweIry and diamonds. With their extensive experience in the industry in Florida, Cracco Jewelry is fully devoted to excellence. The company is always at the top of the list in the provision of the best quality services to meet each of their customer’s needs.

Rays Jewelry Inc

Rays Jewelry Inc Rays Jewelry Inc is your exclusive vendor for engagement rings in Hialeah, FL. Ever since Ray’s Jewelry was launched 15 years ago, it has maintained their unique stand of supplying only handpicked collections of custom and classic engagement rings. The quality of their customer service can’t be questioned since it's above reproach. Though they only outsource their merchandise from authentic and credible cutters and manufacturers, their prices are very affordable.


Pandora Pandora is a one-stop local store to buy engagement and wedding rings in Hialeah. Harboring a huge collection of top-selling engagement rings, Pandora can provide you with twosome rings that will help tell your love story in a unique way. At Pandora, you get to find only premium engagement rings that are uniquely designed to suit you. You’ll be sure to find what suit you regardless of your personal tastes and preferences.

Buchwald Jewelers

Buchwald Jewelers Buchwald is acknowledged as one of the biggest and most reliable jewelry stores in Hialeah. The extensive popularity and credibility have been inspired by the company’s devotion to quality customer service, quality products, and great pricing. If you’re looking to propose to your long-time partner, Buchwald will provide you with an extensive collection of quality engagement rings for men and women. Visit their website and take a look at their high-grade products.

ABC Jewelry

ABC Jewelry ABC Jewelry is a private jewelry business owned and operated by Cindy Lange. All wedding bands and engagement rings sold by Cindy Lange are directly sourced from genuine jewelry manufacturers. Cindy Lange has been in the engagement rings selling business for over 30 years, so she has deep knowledge of what the industry entails. She boasts of only selling unique and premium rings for women and men at better prices than most of her competitors.