Top 10 Rated Hialeah Makeup Artists

Arturo Orta Beauty Salon

Arturo Orta Beauty Salon For the best local prices in Hialeah, FL, Arturo will give you the best of services. With hundreds of reviews from satisfied customers, you have no other option but to love him. This professional makeup artist brings out the best in every client, knowing what the customer’s needs are precisely. Making him your permanent makeup artist is one of the best choices you will never regret having done. Arturo is a favorite of many clients.

Karla Lola

Karla Lola For professional services, Karla has what it takes. With high qualifications in the makeup industry, she enjoys enhancing every bride’s beauty. For wedding hair and makeup, the kind of products Karla uses are of high-quality leaving no room for complaints. Karla Lola puts her customers first; she offers excellent services to meet every client’s needs. Offering her services at an affordable cost, Karla is undeniable that makeup artist who will give you great results for your bucks.