Top 10 Rated Wedding Photographers in Hialeah, FL

Ricky Stern Photography

Ricky Stern Photography Ricky Stern is at the top of the list when it comes to the best and most creative Hialeah wedding photographers. He considers photography an in-born skill. His inimitable style and the incredible level of creativity guarantee you the best shot for your engagement photos as well as wedding still and moving pictures. Being a very friendly and easy to work with person, Ricky doesn’t believe in failure and always strives to make the impossible happen. His mastery of photo-journalistic art gives you the surety that your wedding event will shine and get worldwide attention.

Erica Diaz Photography

Erica Diaz Photography Are you looking to preserve the memories you share with your best friend and lover as you exchange love vows? Erica Diaz Photography is your go-to person. Owned and run by a local photographer, Erica Diaz, this photography company has successfully shot and produced spectacular videos and photos for many different wedding celebrations. Erica Diaz is talented and real photographing expert who knows how to access your particular needs and strategize properly beforehand to ensure he delivers services that meet and exceed your specific desires and expectations.

Stella Image Photography

Stella Image Photography Stella image photography comprises of a team of dedicated photography artists who boast to have shot hundreds of top-notch and professional wedding videos and photos. Based in South Florida, this team has differentiated itself from the crowd by making their services readily available to clients at very affordable prices. With their undefeatable talent and mastery of the photography art, they work hard to give you an incredible and exclusive physical memento of your wedding day. If you are on a tight budget, and you want to get the best photographer around, Stella Image Photography is your ultimate destination.

5 Star Productions

5 Star Productions 5 Star Productions is rated among the most famous and reliable wedding photographers in Hialeah, FL. Based on reviews and ratings from past clients, this photography company has proven to be a really credible company to consider if you desire to create lasting memories of your happiest day. On top of creating high quality and highly attractive photography, 5 Star Production offers the best rates in the market. Alex, the lead videographer, has unique attention to details and always makes the effort to ensure the already produced videos and photos are stunning and breathtaking.

Hazel Photographers

Hazel Photographers Hazel Photographers considers you their king. Every move or step they take is always geared towards making your wedding day a success. Fully equipped with modern photography equipment and high-innovative photographing experts, Hazel will work to capture your happy moments in a unique and romantic way. Their packages are by far the best in the market today. So, you don’t need to plan a million-dollar wedding party to hire their services. With the small budget you have, you can still enjoy the elite photographing services provided by this professional photographer in Florida.