Top 10 Rated Wedding Photographers in Irvine, CA

Ning Wong

Ning Wong Ning Wong's studio is suitably located at 17744 Sky Park Cir, Irvine, CA. She caters for both nationwide and local clients. Ning is passionate about meeting people from diverse walks of life and capturing amazing, natural pictures of them. From weddings to family gatherings, Ning Wong will be there to record the pride and fun. According to reviews, she is among the most top reliable vendors. Her wedding packages average at $5500.

Shmily Photography

Shmily Photography Shmily, which means See How Much I Love You, was founded in 2013 by Frank, Ray and Jessie. They use artistry, passion and energy to produce authentic, timeless photography at affordable prices. Whether you need unique engagement photos or coverage of your entire wedding celebration, Shmily photography will take pride in providing excellent coverage within a friendly atmosphere. They offer a 10 per cent discount for military weddings and wedding ceremonies that take place during the week.

Kristi Klemens

Kristi Klemens Kristi is often mesmerized by the opportunity to tell a couple's love story through her photography. She uses an artistic and cinematic approach to create a unique piece of art within each image. Together with her husband, Paul, they run KLK Photography. These two Irvine wedding photographers create a dedicated team, continuously thinking of new and innovative ways to creatively tell your story at the best rates possible.

Isaac and Rebecca

Isaac and Rebecca This is a husband and wife photography team based in California. The couple is always ready to capture both planned and unplanned moments of your special day - from the obvious to the unnoticeable. Their photo journalistic approach provides them with an unmatched insight into how to tell your love story, creating photographs that will evoke your emotions and memories that you will cherish forever.

Magnisimo Instant Photo Magnets and Party Favors

Magnisimo Instant Photo Magnets and Party Favors Magnisimo offers quality instant photo magnets and innovative party favors for your events in Orange County , Los Angeles , and San Diego . Our professional photographer will walk around taking photos of you and your guests throughout the event , capturing the special moments and celebrating the night away . What better way to keep your guests engaged and involved ! Let us capture moments so that you can cherish them forever. We specialize in instant photo magnets for all event types and sizes! Capture your special moments, call 949-607-8932 .X

David and Christina

David and Christina David and Christina are some of the most talented wedding photographers in Irvine, CA. The couple joined forces to start ''Full Spectrum Photography'' with David as the chief photographer. His artistic vision and photo editing style have made Full Spectrum famous for beautiful wedding photographs that are sure to create a captivating feeling of presence to be enjoyed for years to come.