Top 10 Rated Wedding Photographers in Long Island, NY

EXO Photography and Cinema

EXO Photography and Cinema We are a husband and wife team that absolutely love photographing weddings. Our studio is composed of the absolute best photographers and cinematographers on Long Island. We have extensive skill set of creative lighting, and natural posing. We add our fresh and vibrant editing to create timeless images from your wedding. Contact us today to learn more about us and our studio.

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Forever Video & Photography

Forever Video & Photography Experience a set of world class wedding photographers at Long Island, NY. Where, couples are given complete "wedding movies", together with their love stories and life’s best moments. As a basic understanding, photos are taken during a party, because we wish to save the date and time exactly as part of our memories of holidays and parties, of people and places. And, a wedding is also a reunion of old friends, families and persons we have just met. As the bride and groom say their “I Dos,” they also tell each other how much they love each other. Forever Video & Photography is enjoyed for its brilliantness in creating history and captured images as it handles the photo shoot and videography of this very special day.

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Miralli Photography

Miralli Photography Seize the day and see the most spectacular presentations for weddings, only by Miralli Photography. Couples are given highest quality and artistic imaginations on contemporary portraits, videography and photojournalism today at New York. Where your stories are shared and made special. Plus, packages are highly customizable for a full wedding celebration in photos and videos, with the quickest turnarounds. The company is open to local patrons coming from Long Island and New York Metro strategic points. Make it one gorgeous fine-looking portrait, your weddings deserve Miralli’s top noted services. Get real almost alive photos only by this one great studio!

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Studio 27

Studio 27 Studio 27 is a group of talented photojournalists and lensmen situated at Long Island City. Together, they are able to create just the best shared wedding pictures of our times. Record every bit of the gala and merrymaking at your weddings, Studio 27 is the top bridal’s choice, today. With the most beautiful wedding arrangements and flower decorations, bridesmaids, grooms men and the whole entourage take a pose, while the videographer and photographer captures them and applies real imagination to cascade into the design of each photos. They have a motto of stopping the time and using their cameras to capture feelings, love, passion and entertainment for that day. Wedding Wire Couples’ Choice Awards 2014.

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Madison Avenue Photography Studio

Madison Avenue Photography Studio At Madison Ave Photo, photography packages are provided as rose, iris, Casablanca, orchid and daisy packages. While, the videography packages may come as cameo or deluxe package. The team makes it a point that each service is unique and extraordinary using only trendy and modern approaches to the expertise, where the guests’ personalities reflect upon the pictures. Madison Ave Photo has artists and editors who are prime choices for weddings. And, they do it to the fullest. Hearts are enjoined and eternally seized in each picture they take. The company is now an unsurpassed wedding photographer and cinematographer. Drop by the studio now!

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Jardin Photography & Video

Jardin Photography & Video Live, laugh and love! Your weddings deserve the most inspiring choices in photos and videography. At Jardin Photography & Video, get to experience a world of wedding opportunities with unforgettable photos, as product of a more than 30 Years of skill in photojournalism. Weddings, sweet 16s, bar/bat mitzvahs, personal photo shoots, birthday parties and business bashes are hosted with real pictures and videos seizing the day’s activities. Aside from serving as a top notch lensman amongst Long Island wedding photographers, this one wonderful studio designs one-of-a-kind pictures using true imagination and original gifted talents at hand. Somewhere between weddings, find the most memorable talks, laughter and joy in photos. Choose Jardin as your photographer today!

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Milch Photography

Milch Photography A dream wedding may come true with the finest set of photos around. Milch Photography has great great packages that await couples. It has been a favorite pick at Temple Avodah for their various photography needs. The company is able to present its knack of opportunities for recording the stories and life’s moments at weddings and, as well as, during other types of events like birthday parties, baptisms and corporate meetings needing pictures. For reasonably priced deals in wedding photographers found at Long Island, NY, this place is hip and hot. It creates timeless pieces for your albums and CDs.

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