Top 10 Rated Long Island Nail Salons

Spa Bellezza

Spa Bellezza You can’t face the altar and can’t say “I Dos” wearing disastrous uniforms. Spa Bellezza has the perfect items to apply on your nails like pink rhinestones, white beads and cream shades. At Spa Bellezza, the group of experts faces any type of challenge to make the bride really pretty. It is a no.1 nail spa in New York. Do you want a gel color, glitter gel, 3D nails design, massage on hand and feet or a simple pink and white? Spa Bellezza is always open to serve you for a celebrity style in nails and Ayurvedic healing traditions.

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Fantastic Spa and Nails

Fantastic Spa and Nails You’d almost take a bite out of the most colorful nails created at Fantastic Spa and Nails. This wonderful place is a nail salon that builds lasting relationships on all brides to look at their very best on their weddings. Choices on packages can be organic, modern or classy. Fantastic Spa and Nails is a top nail spa among nail salons in Long Island. Say forever at the altar and wear the shiniest ring with the perfect set of nails. Fantastic Spa and Nails has a team who can whip up creative designs even with changing seasons of summer, fall, winter and autumn.

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SNOB Nail Salon at Z Hotel NYC

SNOB Nail Salon at Z Hotel NYC See the most awarded nail artists in action at SNOB Nail Salon. Spend a great afternoon with the full bridal packages to enjoy in one nail spa, the best among nail salons in Long Island, NY to aim for the most prestige wedding of the year. Choose from manicure to pedicure with massage in various nail services type. You’ll even get to learn how to do it yourself and create the most fantastic nail designs, today. SNOB Nail Salon is a one-stop world class nail styling hub to take part of.

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Anthony DeFranco

Anthony DeFranco Walk down the aisle and carry your bridal bouquet wearing the best set of nails, created at Anthony DeFranco’s Salon and Spa. Get loads of treats and fun packages in original and modern top nail designs. This wonderful nail spa features a wide mixture of specially chosen craft items, rhinestones and shades just for your nails. It also houses super cool and fun stuff to take pleasure on. From hand and foot combo, hand and foot care, student specials, manicure, pedicure and paraffin dips, you can experience natural beauty in sweetness and cuteness right here!

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Pavlova Salon

Pavlova Salon Take part on a major a nail makeover at Pavlova Salon. Hip and cool, these nail designs belong to the best brides of the metro. Have full glamour for your wedding with the most beautiful looking set of nails to see. They are just right for the bride who wants to have nails screaming in delight and colors. As reviews has highly praised, Pavlova Salon knows how to fit it at your budget. Spend a day with them right now to receive hours of goodies and nail treats!

Incentives Organic Spa & Salon

Incentives Organic Spa & Salon All weddings mean something borrowed and blue. For a more fashionable showcase that is nature inspired, treat yourself at Incentives Organic Spa & Salon, they know the perfect thing for your nails. From sparkly overcoats to brightly colored nail paints, Incentives Organic Spa & Salon whips up the best colors and amenities for your nails and hands. Other events served are birthdays, bridal services, school parties and lot’s more. Look as fabulous as a celebrity, or someone who just stepped out of a major couture magazine. Where, packages are cheap and affordable. Leave this salon’s doors more in love!

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De La Mer Salon & Spa

De La Mer Salon & Spa De La Mer offers each guest to walk inside its salon with big big discounts on nothing but nails. Hot and hip they are what are sought out for in today’s nail couture. With great nails out of the box, bid ugly nails begone, thanks to De La Mer’s big big nail spa giveaways. In fact, whether you’re thinking of the simplest ideas or the most raved about nail crafts, your nails can be multi-colored as ever at De La Mer. The group shares their zeal and artistry especially for your nails.

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Anthony Paul Salon & Spa

Anthony Paul Salon & Spa Anthony Paul Salon & Spa prepares nail packages in healthy additions and affordable prices at all seasons. Local patrons like to choose its nail services as a major destination in a Long Island nail salon. Salon packages come in a long list of nail services made to compliment any type of couples’ tastes. Get an overload of nail colors in the shades of shining pink, green hue and gray gold mixture at Anthony Paul Salon & Spa. Guess which ones pleases you the best today. The salon also offers polish change, manicure, mani & pedi, facial and waxing, as well as other packages. Check them out as the team works like magic at this wonderful salon now.

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