Top 10 Rated Minneapolis Caterers for Wedding and Other Events

Green Mangos Catering

Green Mangos Catering There are different levels of wedding catering companies in Minneapolis. There are the caterers that provide the same overcooked menu at any event they serve, then there are those that offer couples some options and tasty food and then there are amazing caterers like Green Mangos Catering that set the highest standards for the cream of the crop. This company is the leader in culinary innovation and they are dedicated to using the freshest ingredients to make dishes that are unique and always delicious.

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The Deco Catering

The Deco Catering Having catering that is well presented is important when it is part of an event as lovely and beautiful as a wedding. That is why many couples choose The Deco Catering. The service they offer is artistic and refreshing when you consider the number of tired Minneapolis catering services that are available. Their attention to detail is just one of the reasons this company has become so successful. Regardless of the size of the event, this company is able to present beautiful, fresh meals.

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Common Roots Catering

Common Roots Catering While some catering services are focused on serving specific events, Common Roots Catering truly does it all. They have prepared high quality corporate buffet lunches as well as fully served wedding reception dinners. Not only are they versatile in their service but also in their cuisine. This company is always creating new dishes and coming up with new ways to present them beautifully. They are also flexible and are willing to customize a menu and make the crawfish, pasta dishes or spicy food you love, while adding their own culinary flare.

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Mintahoe Catering & Events

Mintahoe Catering & Events Catering a wedding takes a very delicate balance of professionalism, willingness to go above and beyond and the ability to provide delicious food. Mintahoe Catering & Events has perfected this balance, making it practically an art form to see their catering service in action. Having served countless Minnesota weddings already, this service has the experience to make your event go as smoothly as possible. You will be able to relax and enjoy the flavorful meal while they take care of everything behind the scenes.

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Catering by Dani

Catering by Dani If you want catering that has soul and supports the local economy and community, then look no further than Catering by Dani. This top quality catering in Minneapolis, MN uses natural, organic and local ingredients to create their culinary masterpieces. This company has become popular because they not only have the best food, but they also are the best local caterer. By choosing this company, you will have restaurant quality food served to your guests while also supporting a local business.

Classic Catering

Classic Catering Classic Catering has a reputation for providing the very best food for large events at affordable prices. You can reserve a top master chef for your event, but it will cost you. By choosing this catering company, the service will be relatively cheap and prepared by chefs who are the best around. This company has also recently expanded to include a bar and beverage service. You will no longer have to worry about dealing with another vendor to serve you and your guests drinks when you can get it all in one place.

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Three Sons Signature Cuisine

Three Sons Signature Cuisine Catering can make or break any party or event. The food needs to suit the style of the occasion and the flow of the event. Three Sons Signature Cuisine has experience serving food at every event from reunions to wedding receptions and has experience serving every kind of cuisine from classic Italian catering to spicy Mexican dishes. It takes a special company to handle the demands of being a wedding caterer, and this company truly does it beautifully, leaving you without worry on your wedding day.

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Premier Catering and Event Planning

Premier Catering and Event Planning Premier catering and Event Planning is the perfect marriage between a food service and presentation company. This fusion means that you and your guests will not only be treated to delicious food, but food that is presented beautifully by the culinary team. While they are always coming up with fresh ideas and dishes in the kitchen, they are open to suggestions and fulfilling your menu requests. Based on the direction you give, they can provide a smoky BBQ course or even Mexican food with authentic flavors.

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