Top 10 Rated Minneapolis Wedding and Engagement Rings Designers

Continental Diamond

Continental Diamond If you are looking for a flawless and high quality diamond wedding ring in Minneapolis, look no further than Continental Diamond. This store is known for having the largest selection of diamond rings, each held to the highest standard of quality to ensure the loyal customers of this store are getting the very best quality possible. Brides have voted this store the best jeweler in town five years running, and all of the brides of this wonderful city cannot be wrong.

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Jared There is a reason Jared has become a household name in the jewelry industry, and that is because they provide an amazing collection of sentimental and fashion jewelry for any occasion. They have a range of prices and notoriety of artists in their collection ranging from inexpensive and delicate to high-end designer. Jewelry stores in Minneapolis have to all compete with the prices at Jared. The staff will help you find the perfect piece of jewelry while showing you the options that are within your budget.

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R.F. Moeller Jeweler

R.F. Moeller Jeweler There are very few jewelry stores in Minnesota with the designer selection offered at R.F. Moeller Jeweler. This store is known for bringing the big name designers into their stores so their customers are choosing from the best quality jewelry there is. They feature designers who are at the top of their field and specialize in specific styles of jewelry like engagement or fashion. Finding a ring to propose with, a watch to celebrate a birthday or a set of earrings to say ‘I love you,’ is all possible at this store.

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Knox Jewelers

Knox Jewelers Finding the right wedding rings in Minneapolis doesn’t have to be a headache; you simply need to choose the right store. Knox jewelers specializes in providing designer engagement rings and wedding bands to the couples of the area. Because this store is focused on couples, they are able to provide a more unique selection of jewelry. The rings that have been worn by thousands are certainly not suitable for a couple as special and unique as you, which is why this store only carries rings that haven’t been and worn by the masses.

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Diamonds Direct

Diamonds Direct The Diamonds Direct has all of the diamond and engagement options you could have possibly hoped for. There is no place better in Minneapolis for engagement rings and there is nothing more classic than presenting your partner with a diamond ring to ask for their hand in marriage. The members of staff at this store are friendly and helpful, putting no pressure on their customer to buy something that they do not love. This store also offers a full service repair center, cleaning, inspections and appraisals.

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Gittelson Jewelers

Gittelson Jewelers There is something special about being able to find your wedding rings in the same store as your parents. Gittelson Jewelers is the hometown, local jewelers that has become a favorite of the community. The friendly neighborhood atmosphere makes customer’s feel relaxed as they shop at this trusted store. At Gittelson, you will find fashion jewelry for women, watches for men and wedding rings for everyone. They not only have a wide selection to choose from, but they also have some of the most affordable options in town.

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Storch Jewelry

Storch Jewelry Finding jewelry for any occasion is difficult, especially when buying jewelry makes such a statement. Storch Jewelry has unique jewelry that would be perfect as a birthday present, an anniversary gift or for an engagement. Engagement rings in Minneapolis, MN can be found at any jewelry store in the city, but this one has the best collection. This store specializes in fashion, diamond and antique estate jewelry. They are setting the standard for quality in the industry with the artistic and unique creations they offer.

Uniquely Yours Custom Designed Jewelry

Uniquely Yours Custom Designed Jewelry Custom jewelry is the best way to ensure that you are wearing jewelry that truly suits your personality and style. Uniquely yours Custom Designed Jewelry is the premier shop in Minneapolis for custom rings to be made for couples. The custom rings that are designed in this store can combine any gemstones, metals and even natural raw materials to create something unique. They can add a custom touch on a classic design or work with you to create something completely new.

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Kay Jewelers

Kay Jewelers Some stores specialize in selling the work of local designers, while others carry only fashion jewelry. With such a specific store, you might not find the jewelry you are looking for. Kay Jewelers is a store that truly has it all. They have rings and pieces for men and women and can help make any occasion special. They have rings that sparkle from up and coming designers that have a unique style. Whether you want something modern or vintage, you will surely find it at Kay’s.

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