Top 10 Rated Wedding Videographers in New Orleans, LA

Blink Video

Blink Video This group of highly talented videographers and editors are able to provide the best service for some of the most affordable prices throughout Louisiana. Each of these professionals strongly believes that each wedding is special and unique. This means that they treat each couple with the care and attention that they deserve. They have learned through their experience that something couples spend months or years planning can be over in a blink of an eye and that is why Blink Video is dedicated to capturing those special moments.

The Cinema Factory

The Cinema Factory When you would like to have a beautiful wedding video to watch with your families for the rest of your lives then you need to work with an experienced and professional company like The Cinema Factory. Not only does this team have packages to accommodate for different budgets and needs, but they offer the same high quality shooting and personalized results. You will not find a more accommodating or talented wedding videographer in New Jersey than this professional videography service.

Suzy Marks Videography

Suzy Marks Videography The husband and wife wedding expert team at Suzy Marks know how quickly your big day will go. The next day you will try to remember every small detail and it will be a blur of emotion and excitement. This is where their videography services step in. With their unobtrusive style and elegant editing they capture your wedding day exactly as it happens. The end result is a timeless heirloom that you and your new family will love to watch over and over again.

Billiot Photography and Video

Billiot Photography and Video Chuck Billiot, the man behind the lens at Billiot Photography and Video, started his career in 1978 and has been improving his skills ever since. Through his samples videos you can see the quality that has made Chuck famous as he has covered hundreds of weddings. To add to his great credentials are his competitive rates, which are remarkably low for the quality and effort Chuck puts into each wedding he films. Even the most basic ‘Love Story’ package, which only covers the time before your wedding, is comprehensive and a fantastic deal.

John Alwert

John Alwert Out of all of the New Orleans wedding videographers, John Alwert fully dedicates himself to each couple that wants his service. From the beginning of the process with the first consultation right until viewing the finalized Bridal album, each couple always feels that John truly cares about their wedding. For the range of services that he provides, his prices are amazingly affordable and this means that it provides each couple with many more options than are open to them elsewhere.

Alan Amato

Alan Amato Previous couples have raved in reviews of Alan Amato and for excellent reasons. Amongst New Orleans wedding videographers he is one of the most talented and passionate professionals there is working in the industry. He has worked on a range of different film projects and is moving more into wedding films. As he approaches each film as a creative process, the couple being married is guaranteed to have a work of art to reflect the biggest day of their lives.


Studiotran Often with wedding videographers in New Orleans, LA, exact prices are stated with almost no flexibility. This is not the case as Studiotran. They provide a starting price and then allow each couple to decide how best to continue. The amount of information that they offer on their site reflects how much they care about their clients being well informed. Add to this the number of options and services they provide and it is clear why Studiotran is at the very top of New Orleans wedding videographers.

ALVS Wedding Video

ALVS Wedding Video With over 15 years of experience, Jack and Janie Verwoerdt of ALVS Wedding Video have carefully refined their videography skills and now offer the best service in Louisiana. They list all of their options in clearly defined packages, which add more and more extras. Their most basic package comes with unbeatable service and quality, which means that you are guaranteed the best wedding videographers in the business. ALVS Wedding also offers great video extras so each couple can tailor their packages to suit their needs.