Top 10 Rated NYC Caterers for Wedding and Other Events

Portobello Catering

Portobello Catering Portobello Catering takes after the Portobello Road area of the city of London. Portobello Catering is another eclectic restaurant with some of the greatest festivities served by its staff. At the team, find local talents with the finest expertise in cooking and making unique dining experiences for us. Only the freshest shellfish, salads, fish, meats and game are added. Other food amenities are Japanese Cobia, breads and desserts, fresh wasabi, Kobe beef and fresh blue foot mushrooms for a world class dining experience at the Portobello Catering. Where, eating and making fun is sophisticated and international at Los Angeles. As a wedding vendor, other packages include floral arrangement, event planning, complete menu packages, decor services, entertainment, rental equipment, service and bar staff and etc.


Wichcraft Is it magic or witchcraft? Opened in 2003, the NYC catering of Wichcraft is spearheaded by Sisha Ortuzar, Jeffrey Zurofsky and Tom Colicchio. The house specializes on making trendy sandwich variations, unique to our taste. For Wichcraft to able to create 1 sandwich, only the premium ingredients are added, which is then applied with the trademark’s chef’s expertise. As a local caterer, it just wants simple, traditional food. Their creation truly is something for everyone. It has also been a favorite bridal choice for full wedding celebrations, from food stations to a big wedding cake. Where, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

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Neuman’s Kitchen

Neuman’s Kitchen Neuman’s Kitchen is owned by business tycoon and Chef Paul Neuman. He started the business as his own over 30 years ago, coming from a family of generations serving food. Neuman’s Kitchen is a product of the elements of food, art and commerce. Today, the fabulous restaurant seeks a greener and sustainable solution by using bio-diesel in delivery, proper disposal of kitchen waste and maintaining sustainability as core standards. For a responsibility act, Neuman’s Kitchen is a partner of the Ronald McDonald House in giving packed meals for its patients and families. They have been doing this for the past 5 years, now. Neuman’s Kitchen and weddings are found inspired by love at NYC.

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The Pontchartrain Hotel

The Pontchartrain Hotel The Pontchartrain Hotel is a very old hospitality serving building. It was structured way back in 1927 and named after the Count de Pontchartrain from the reign of Louis XVI. It is a New Orleans treasure and, as well as, a much beloved choice for Hollywood stars like Tom Cruise, Nicholas Cage, Naomi Campbell and Frank Sinatra, to name a few. The Pontchartrain Hotel bears very roomy and classically designed accommodation with outstanding amenities. Since, the place is historic, it has been also a top choice for wedding celebrations. Wedding services can come with gourmet stations, photography and video as well as customized packages. The Pontchartrain Hotel is a premier New Orleans catering service, today!

C&C Catering

C&C Catering C&C Catering services began way back in 1927 by Mr. and Mrs. Cutaneo. They were able to build the first Italian-American grocery store found at the Sheepshead Bay area. C&C Catering runs with a mission of endowing its guests a continuous commitment to give only the finest food and service to them, while being assured of getting the best affordable deals. Also, choose from larger catering packages for company-wide gatherings or select a personalized menu for sentimental occasions. Your wedding deserves delectable selections of foods and trays. A tasteful affair happens at C&C Catering, the country’s no.1 NYC catering service.

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Cafe Metro

Cafe Metro Started in 1981, Cafe Metro has been a favorite Manhattan hangout among local patrons. It has been an ideal restaurant to serve catering and special events with cutting-edge food, service and experience. Cafe Metro offers both corporate catering and events planning. It is also dedicated to helping you find the perfect catering and food service solutions for your wedding. Take a look at the range of catering services by Café Metro. Packages include theme buffets like backyard BBQ or the Hors D'Oeuvres with seafood and shellfish package (including fresh crawfish.) Take pleasure in the finest among wedding catering companies in NYC, hop on the food chain at Café Metro.

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NOLA Crawfish King

NOLA Crawfish King NOLA Crawfish King specializes in crawfish, crabs and crabs! Savor the sweetest boiled meats and tasty seafood festivity only at this fabulous hot restaurant. Get them in the best deals for your wedding, family reunions, sweet 16s, birthday, business meetings, a gala or anniversary. NOLA Crawfish King secrets to creating tasty crawfish and seafood is mixing fine herbs and sauces, while they boil on the stands. Plus, they are packed in the most affordable deals in town. Other in-house specialties are roasted pigs, chicken and sausages gumbo, turkey, pasta, salads and BBQ. Try a themed style wedding with the hottest amenities today by one of the leading wedding catering companies in New Orleans, LA. Be hot and gorgeous at NOLA Crawfish King!

Capdeboscq Catering Service

Capdeboscq Catering Service Capdeboscq Catering Service is an owned business by the Capdeboscq family. It has been a favorite bridal choice for full wedding celebrations ever since 1968. To be exact, already, 7,000 brides chose this restaurant. Capdeboscq Catering Service is accustomed to making typical New Orleans wedding receptions like a cocktail party with food stations and a wedding cake, which is set apart from the usual sit-down dinner type party, today. Other catering experiences are held on meetings, conventions, corporate receptions, banquets and birthday parties. Ordering online is now available. This Los Angeles catering is a tradition of excellence and beauty in one spectacular event!