Top 10 Rated NYC Wedding and Engagement Rings Designers


OnDiamonds OnDiamonds has positioned itself as “THE” engagement ring store among all NYC jewelry stores. With a large collection of wedding bands for women and men, couples can always find affordable classic or vintage diamond rings at their NYC location. There is no better place to find loose diamonds which can be converted to the engagement ring of your dreams. Although each engagement ring purchased is unique in its own way, the in-house master jeweler is always available to customize any jewelry piece you choose. To purchase wedding rings in New York City, OnDiamonds is the best choice among jewelry stores for couples who want high quality rings and unmatched customer service.

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Trax NYC

Trax NYC If you are looking for something that will really sparkle, shine, and make a statement, Trax NYC is the store for you. This shop specializes in high quality jewelry that will get you noticed. They offer engagement rings and wedding bands for men and for women as well as a wide variety of other luxury jewels. If you’re looking for something that is one in a million, let Trax NYC customize a piece for you. This shop is a place for both genders to add to their collections.

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Jelena Behrend Studio

Jelena Behrend Studio Imagine being able to shop for the ring that will represent you always by talking to the artist who created it. Jelena Behrend Studio features the artist whose store bears her name. When you enter the store to shop for a ring, you will hear about the inspiration for the jewelery from its maker. The edgy pieces have an organic and custom feel to them, which is exactly what the artist intended. Wedding rings in New York City have never been more inspired.

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Efva Attling

Efva Attling Efva Attling is a jewelry designer with a passion for creating simple and classic designs. With the feel of vintage or antique rings and a young spirit, every one of her designs is done with love. The artist works hard to ensure that each design represents a lasting love. The beauty is in the details for these rings and that is what makes them so popular with couples. Find something that is of the highest quality that is affordable and elegantly simple.

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Empire Diamond

Empire Diamond Empire diamond is a store that understands that you don’t want to be searching through endless ring cabinets, which is why they offer a huge selection, but more importantly, they offer expert advice. The store, which has been open for over 80 years, has certified diamonds and qualified experts to help you choose a style, stone, and metal that you like and then find the ring. They make it easy by laying all of the ring and setting options out before you without any pressure to buy something you don’t love.

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Macha For a more modern bride, the traditional ring might not fit your personal style. Macha is jewelry store that is all about unique designs and ideas that set them apart in the jewelry industry. With over 15 years of design experience, the rings handcrafted at Macha are of the highest quality and in a stylistic class of their own. Also setting Macha apart is the concept that both men and women can wear much of the specialized jewelry they make.

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Leon Diamond

Leon Diamond Leon Diamond raves about the size of it’s own collection which jewelry stores only do if they really do have everything imaginable in stock. At Leon Diamond couples have been falling in love with their selection for years. They offer every stone, metal, and setting you can imagine. Certified diamonds sold to you by experts in their field, make you a seriously smart shopper, especially when the store offers hassle-free upgrades. If you have bought a ring but see one that you like even more, then easily upgrade from the store’s stock.

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Soho Gem

Soho Gem Soho Gem is one of the most unique stores in New York City for engagement rings. The store is best known for it’s colorful gem creations and one-of-a-kind designs. They specialize in custom bridal jewelry, meaning they will take the ideas and likes that you have and make them into a ring that no one else on the planet will ever have. The designers happen to be a team of sisters who know how to make a woman feel extra special.

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Golda Jewelry

Golda Jewelry The diamond district got its name because it is home to the most prestigious jewelry stores in New York City. It can be hard to know which one of these stores is the best for you. Golda Jewelry is one of the stores in the area that isn’t insanely specialized and overpriced, but rather has a huge selection of natural diamonds and pearls for everyone. Though this store has every kind of ring you could want, they encourage their customers to look at others stores and compare, knowing the customers will always come back.

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Ascot Diamonds

Ascot Diamonds If you are not worried about finding a ring on a budget, then you unlock a whole collection of high-end diamond rings. Ascot Diamonds offers some of the most exquisite and flawless stones and rings in New York and the entire country. Every man wants to leave his girlfriend breathless with a stunning ring when he proposes and this store can guarantee just that. Imagine giving her the ring of her dreams. The unmatched quality and service at Ascot Diamonds will help you do just that.