Top 10 Rated Seattle Wedding and Engagement Rings Designers

Something Silver

Something Silver Something Silver is nothing like the typical soulless chain jewelry stores you see in commercials or ads. This store believes in offering affordable jewelry, but also in supporting local jewelry designers. This means the store offers a one-of-a-kind mix of international designers, nationally respected manufacturers and local Washington based artisans. You will be supporting your community as well as finding beautiful jewelry when you shop at Something Silver. The combination makes this unlike any other jewelry shopping experience out there.

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Whitney Stern Jewelry

Whitney Stern Jewelry Whitney Stern Jewelry is the love and passion of the designer whose store carries her name. The style of this designer incorporates sentiment with a modern feel. Her passion is providing beautiful, wearable jewelry to the community she has always proudly called home. She has been providing, selling and designing wedding rings in Seattle for years and wants to offer that experience to you. You can buy one of her carefully crafted famous designs or work collaboratively for a custom ring.

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Gaelsong Whether you have a love for the emerald isle, Irish heritage, or just like the culture and Celtic designs, Gaelsong is the only jewelry store in Seattle that offers classic Celtic wedding rings. The rings use silver, gold, or a combination of the metals to feature authentic symbols like the claddagh or knots. With prices never exceeding $900, things rings are affordable for any couple looking to represent their love and their Irish roots in one piece of beautiful jewelry.

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Goldmine Design

Goldmine Design Many jewelry stores have cases lit and full of jewelry filling their display room. When you walk into Goldmine design you will see some jewelry cases but you will also find yourself in the middle of a fully operating jewelry workshop. You can see the unique and beautiful pieces being made right in front of you. It is clear from seeing the professional’s work that this store is capable of anything, including designing your engagement or wedding rings for men and for women.

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Fremont Jewelry Design

Fremont Jewelry Design While most jewelry stores are busy trying to sell you rings that have been manufactured and bought by hundreds of other couples, Fremont Jewelry design can customize something just for you. They specialize in designing flawless jewelry and wedding bands that fit your style and are within your budget. They have a selection of unique rings they have already designed in store as well as consultants available for you to begin working with a designer to bring your ideas to life.

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Alana Antique & Estate Jewelry

Alana Antique & Estate Jewelry Vintage jewelry is becoming more popular in the bridal world. Jewelry that has been crafted when the industry was at its height and has been proven to stand the test of time bodes well when you are looking for a ring to represent your partnership doing the same. The rings chosen by this store and proudly displayed come from many different sources but most are valuable family heirlooms or pieces of estate jewelry that have been verified for authenticity by expert appraisers.

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Bijoudally Bijoudally is the only store to buy engagement rings in Seattle, WA that uses laser cut crystals and local brands to offer a unique selection to customers. This store is the home to many local jewelry designs and pieces that are considered works of art. They have specialty stones and crystals with hammered metals to create a style only found in this store. If you like the look of something more natural and raw, this is the jeweler for you.

Crane Jewelers Ltd.

Crane Jewelers Ltd. Crane Jewelers Ltd. has a long history in the jewelry business starting back in 1923. Ever since then, its popularity and reputation have grown continuously making it a favorite in Washington and all over the Northwest. This store specializes in custom design jewelry as well a restoring jewelry to its former glory, particularly antiques. After becoming a trusted institution in the community, this store branched out and found its niche in making and restoring the most unique jewels in the business.

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Green Lake Jewelry Works

Green Lake Jewelry Works Looking in Seattle for engagement rings is a thing of the past when you can design your own at Green Lake Jewelry Works. This store is the biggest and the leader in customer ring design for engagement and wedding. It is a home to artists; designers, carvers, metal smiths, and engravers. This means that a specialist and expert in their field will handle each aspect of the ring you design. People come from around the world to take advantage of their services and you’re lucky enough to have them in your backyard.

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