Top 10 Rated Seattle Wedding Dresses and Gown Designers

White Stole

White Stole White Stole is not a wedding dress store, but rather a store that sells the accessories and wraps that will make your look complete. The best way to describe the wraps, veils, and accessories they offer is to say that they have a classic look, a vintage feel, and a one-of-a-kind elegance. Whether you are looking to cover your shoulders in a traditional religious ceremony or want to add a unique element to your bridal look, these accessories will make it memorable.

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Calla Bridal

Calla Bridal Calla Bridal completely takes care of its clients even before they come to shop by answering any important questions you may have. They suggest you come in and choose your dress no less than 8 months before your ceremony to guarantee that you will have time to have the dress altered. This store also asks that you make an appointment so they can reserve an hour with a consultant. If they take care of you this much before you even go to shop, imagine how well you’ll be looked after in the store.

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Twice Blushed

Twice Blushed Twice blushed isn’t the typical place to find wedding dresses in Seattle, WA. The store is unique because the onsite designer takes used wedding gowns to create revived wedding gowns that are truly more like works of art. The handcrafted process means that your dress will be customized and one-of-a-kind. Some gowns are completely reconstructed while others receive additional embellishments. Whatever changes the designer makes to the original dress, you can be sure that it is exactly what you want.

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Cicada Bridal

Cicada Bridal Cicada Bridal has been serving the brides of Washington for 17 years. The designers who opened and now run and design in the store have a passion for making women look and feel beautiful in each and every piece they make. They design short as well as traditional style wedding dresses, each with a modern twist. Their pair of designers also make evening gowns and accessories so they are not solely a bridal boutique but that is their main focus.

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Simone Carvalli

Simone Carvalli Simone Carvalli is an up and coming couture wedding dress design company. The growing popularity of this company is due to their high-end designs that exude sophistication and class. For brides who want to wow their guests and be the centerpiece of their big day, buying a dress from this company is a sure way to do that. Sexy modern looks with a traditional flare are what this company does best. Searching Seattle for wedding dresses is so much easier when you know this designer is the one for you.

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La Belle Elaine’s Bridal

La Belle Elaine’s Bridal Shopping for your entire bridal party in one salon can make the stress of coordinating colors and styles much less stressful. This is why La Belle Elaine’s Bridal offers bridal dresses and bridesmaid dresses all in one place. The selection they carry of both is above and beyond what you would expect from any boutique. Exceeding your expectations in selection, quality, and service is what this store strives to do and what has made it so popular among brides throughout the state and beyond.

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Dolce Bleu

Dolce Bleu At first, Dolce Bleu seems like simply a large bridal gown store, but they are truly so much more. They do indeed have a huge selection of high quality gowns, but that’s not all. They have affordable prom and evening gown options as well. Making an appointment to shop here is a must so the staff can give you their undivided attention. Their inventory is unmatched and contains some of the best designers in the industry as well as plus size dresses.

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Blue Sky Bridal

Blue Sky Bridal In Seattle, most brides don’t just let their used dresses sit in box in the attic, they want them to be shared and used by other brides in the area. Blue Sky bridal is a unique option for eco-friendly brides who don’t need a brand new dress. Though the dresses in this store are not new, they are the dream dresses of previous brides and could be your dream dress as well. The dresses are consignment meaning this store acts as a wedding dress broker for previous brides.

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Edward K Exclusives

Edward K Exclusives More and more brides today are choosing non-traditional bridal stores to find their dream dress at an inexpensive rate. Some are choosing rental dresses, others purchase consignment, but many are seeking designers to make them a gown all their own. That is where Edward K Exclusives comes in. This designer makes vintage inspired wedding and special occasion dresses. Choose the fabric, cut, color, and every other detail you can think of and this designer will produce an elegant dress you know will fit you perfectly.

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