Top 10 Rated Atlanta Laser Hair Removal Salons

Beauty Skin Laser

Beauty Skin Laser As one of the most professional companies offering laser hair removal in Atlanta, GA, Beauty Skin Laser provides the safest and best service in the state. They are leading the field and always ensure the latest training of their staff. Due to their special packages that cover small areas, which include bikini, Brazilian, upper lip and many other areas, their luxury salon service is matches with affordable prices. This makes them the number one choice for brides-to-be in the local area.

Dr. Tattoff

Dr. Tattoff At Dr. Tattoff they are specialists in tattoo removal, which means that they understand the sensitivities of skin more than any other Atlanta laser hair removal company. Many companies carry out the procedure with little training. With Dr. Tattoff you are getting a trained medical professional that will be able to ensure the highest level of safety and quality. You will be able to remove your unwanted hair permanently. This clinic also has the added bonus of offering competitive prices.

David B. Brothers

David B. Brothers Dr. Brothers and his team of highly trained professionals use cutting-edge technology to provide their customers with the very best in laser hair removal services. They make the process of hair removal painless by preventing the need for waxing, razors or electrolysis. By staying ahead with their technology they have been able to introduce the Cutera CoolGlide Laser that enables them to permanently reduce hair. No matter your skin type and at any time of the year, this team is ready to help.

A New You By Wendy

A New You By Wendy With over a decade of experience, Wendy Csaszar is a true master when it comes to improving the look and feel of your body. The long list of her accolades and certifications are only shadowed by the shining reviews she has received from previous clients. Amongst her team are equally highly trained individuals and they are experts in every aspect of cosmetics surgeries and treatments. Of all of the salons in Georgia, A New You By Wendy will work closer with each client to ensure total satisfaction.

Atlanta Laser Clinic

Atlanta Laser Clinic Using the amazing Lumenis One system, the Atlanta Laser Clinic is able to remove hair quickly and in an extremely safe process. With a fully qualified staff that has a great deal of experience, you will be looking your best in no time at all. When you first visit this beauty center the expert team will discuss all of your options with you and ensure you get the most out of your visit. You won’t regret using the very best and going to the Atlanta Laser Clinic.

Harley Anti-Aging Institute

Harley Anti-Aging Institute Dr. Harley has been changing the lives of thousands of women and men over her years in the cosmetic industry including laser hair removal. As a respected physician in the local community she decided to provide her services so she was able to treat the whole of her clients both physically and mentally. Using the latest technology Dr. Harley and her team have been able to create a treatment that is affordable, painless and the effects are far more permanent than other salons.

Dermatology Specialists of Atlanta

Dermatology Specialists of Atlanta It is important to most brides to look their absolute best on their wedding day. Usually this extends to having several treatments beforehand. When it comes to laser hair removal it is crucial to find the best and not just a cheap alternative. The team of experts at Dermatology Specialists of Atlanta is there to walk you through the process. Although their technique isn’t permanent, most of their clients will find their hair re-growth will steadily grow thinner and lighter over time.

AMI Wellness Center

AMI Wellness Center At AMI Wellness Center they understand the importance of looking your best on your wedding day and for the summer months. That is why they make their hair removal service readily available and easy for any bride-to-be from anywhere in the whole state. The team of experts also knows that it isn’t just peace of mind which is important but also that the cost won’t blow any wedding budgets. For this reason they show how the cost of getting hair removed permanently can save a great deal of money in the long term.