Top 10 Rated Columbus Wedding Cake Bakeries

Nanak Bakery

Nanak Bakery The best way to ensure that you have a beautiful and delicious cake for your special occasion is to have one custom made. This makes sure that the flavor combination is one that you love and the design matches the style of the event. Whether you want a gender revealing baby shower cake or a personalized wedding or birthday cake, Nanak Bakery can make it happen. This company also caters to the dietary needs and restrictions of their clients by offering sugar-free, gluten-free, vegan and eggless cakes.

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Jan Kish la petite fleur

Jan Kish la petite fleur If you want a company that is renowned for their design and craftsmanship, then look no further than Jan Kish la petite fleur. This cake bakery has a reputation for consistently producing beautiful and elegant cakes for weddings and special occasions. This company has made custom confections for couples all around the world that rave about her work in their reviews. If you want something that is truly one-of-a-kind as the centerpiece for your reception, then having this company make your cake is a must.

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The Cake Studio

The Cake Studio Many couples are turning to The Cake Studio to have their wedding cake made, as this company is known for creating elegant and delicious special occasion confections. They use the very best ingredients to create their signature cakes as well as new flavors. They have perfected the combinations of icing and cake flavors to make melt-in-your-mouth treats. Whether you want a filling, fondant or carved cake, you will have an affordable and decadent cake for the biggest day of your life.

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Kitties Cakes

Kitties Cakes Molly and Kelly, the owners of Kitties Cakes, have travelled the world and brought the flavors from abroad into their local bakery. They have taken the tricks and tips from the countries famous for their treats in order to bring their confections to the next level. By using these techniques and real ingredients they have been able to create some of the most delicious and creative cakes. At affordable prices, couples in Ohio can enjoy having a rich custom cake and cake topper on their big day.

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Belle’s Bread

Belle’s Bread There are few bakeries in Ohio that have the range of Belle’s Bread. This is not only a French Bakery but the shop also features Japanese confections as well. The fusion of styles is completely unique and is what has made this company so popular. The cakes made here are created using the freshest and richest ingredients to achieve an authentic flavor. With treats that are always delicious, you can order a custom cake to fit your occasion without sacrificing quality to achieve the look or style you want.

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Sauer Cakes

Sauer Cakes Sauer Cakes is a bakery completely focused on making special occasion and wedding cakes in Columbus, OH. They are best known for providing their customers with a fun and delicious experience as well as providing a unique and personalized cake. At your free tasting, you will try flavor combinations and decide which one is right for you before working with the consultant to design the cake. By providing a free cake stand, free delivery and a free one-year anniversary cake, this company truly takes care of its customers.

Pattycake Bakery

Pattycake Bakery If you would like to buy a cake from an ecologically responsible and locally supportive bakery, then Pattycake Bakery is for you. This top all-vegan shop makes delicious treats including everything from soft cookies to warm cinnamon buns. By not using eggs or dairy, this company is able to reach a wider range of customers who may have a food sensitivity or prefer a treat that fits into their diet. There is no company more attentive to their customers than this one.

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Home Run Cakes LLC

Home Run Cakes LLC There is a certain flavor and warmth that simply cannot be achieved with a cake mix, which is why Home Run Cakes LLC makes all of their sweets from scratch. By homemaking everything, they are able to ensure the quality of their treats and give their customers the very best options possible. This bakery also tries to use the freshest local ingredients to achieve the best flavors. There is no better place in Columbus for wedding cakes than this bakery.

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