Top 10 Rated Dallas Wedding Cake Bakeries

Romano’s Bakery

Romano’s Bakery Romano’s Bakery is an established family managed cake store known for creating cakes, cheesecakes and other sweet treats, ever since 1990. A proud member of the Society of Wedding Professionals, the store has already earned several seats of awards in the categories of Best Dallas Wedding Cakes, Groom Cakes, Children's Cakes, Party Cakes. Some of Romano’s Bakery specialty cakes are the luxurious pillows and sweet magnolias tier cakes. Its cake gallery also comprises of the groom’s cakes, small wedding and anniversary, special occasion cakes, birthday cakes, children’s cakes, mini desserts, cake balls and cookies, cheese cakes, cupcakes and the bundt cakes. Decadent. Elegant. Unforgettable.

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Cakes 4 All

Cakes 4 All Cakes 4 All bears a wide array of custom cakes in Dallas, whether as 2D, 3D or simple wedding celebrations, name it they know how to bake it. For the store, their products immortalize how two people love each other and finally decide to seize the moment with a beautiful wedding cake. Other samples are the Tiffany & Co. replicas, smash cakes, TV shows and events cakes. They have the best iced art on cakes with the coolest cake toppers in the market. You can choose from adding jelly mouse and cream fillings; classic flavors; specialty flavors; liqueur flavors; and, icings. Cakes 4 All sells the most unique desserts in the state of Texas.

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Elegant Cakery

Elegant Cakery Drop by at Elegant Cakery for a free consultation today on achieving the right wedding cake for couples and take a bite of the delectable selection of the top notch wedding cakes in Dallas TX. Take a pleasure of them and these wonderful cakes to your centerpiece, for endless lasting memories on weddings. Elegant Cakery bakes the most fresh cakes and classic cake arrangements in town. They are made in unique cake toppers and vintage recipes you have always loved. You can also ask for cake and cupcakes shipping. Special occasion cakes can come in the form baby shower cakes, birthday cakes, corporate surprises or as gifts. They are packed in colorful boxes with the same delectable layers in a cake.

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Creme de la Creme Cake Company

Creme de la Creme Cake Company Creme de la Creme Cake Company is a cute cake store specializing in baking the best custom cakes in Dallas, celebration cakes, as well as using nothing but the freshest ingredients with the fondest memories in eating them as part of greatly hosted parties. And, because they are customized, the store lets customers try their fixings on cakes with the cake toppers and fillings of their choice. The signature cakes at Creme de la Creme Cake Company are the Simple Flowers in Pink and Brown, white cake with white buttercream frosting or chocolate truffle and chocolate buttercream and Chocolate drizzle cascading down the side.

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Batter Up Cake Shop

Batter Up Cake Shop Batter Up! Cake Shop has beautifully designed cakes by the award winning cake artist Sylvia Wilson. The store specializes in almost any unique type of cakes for celebrations in Texas. Her passion for competing in cake competitions is a result of the same reason to get to know more of the baking industry, wherein she has goals of teaching these to her avid fans. Batter Up! Cake Shop makes it a point all cakes have the most delicious taste as great as they look. In its airbrush needs, the store is very thankful for the good help of Paasche Airbrush Company.

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Say It With Sugar Cake Shop

Say It With Sugar Cake Shop To have the most delicious wedding cake, Say It With Sugar Cake Shop matches its creations with the bride’s personality for great effects on wedding celebrations. It has an incredible variety of selection in cake flavors and all-butter icings such as wedding cakes, birthday cakes, special occasion cakes and shaped cakes. They are affordable and amazing as Dallas wedding cakes. At the store, there are also store pick-ups dinner cakes, Boston Cream Pie Cakes and other cream cakes sold in the usual branded ready-to-go cases of the store. Say It With Sugar Cake Shop will work with you up to the last minutes of your party. It has the secret to great cakes.

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Legacy Cakes

Legacy Cakes Legacy Cakes is one of the small delightful cake and patisserie shops at the heart of Texas. They have the most glamorous gourmet set of cakes, which you can add your own variations and styles for the greatest deals on weddings. Be it in vintage, simple or modern 3D designs, confectionaries at Legacy Cakes are made with fresh flowers, colorful ornaments and intricate cake patterns. Browse the most creative wedding cake photos and designs at their site today for a fulfilling wedding story in couples. It can be a gorgeous pink wedding cake or a simply clear white shaded cake. All cakes are packed affordable and highly customized at Legacy Cakes.

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Soonja's Bakery Custom Cake Design

Soonja's Bakery Custom Cake Design At Soonja's Bakery Custom Cake Design, cake decorations, special occasion cakes and bakery custom cakes are made with love. Very inspiring for couples, some of the most memorable wedding cakes served to couples in the city are by Soonja's Bakery Custom Cake Design. Soonja teaches the best decorating ideas that work for both store-bought and homemade cakes. Try the specialty wedding cakes in the splashing color combinations of baby pink and black, teal and powder yellow, white and glittery silver or black and white cakes. Shop Soonja's Bakery Custom Cake Design now to grab your personal faves in custom cake art and wedding cakes in Dallas TX.

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