Top 10 Rated Dallas Wedding Planners and Coordinators

Ruban Bleu Weddings and Events, LLC

Ruban Bleu Weddings and Events, LLC Ruban Bleu Weddings and Events is a luxury-based wedding planning company, which caters to innovative and luxury weddings, and ensures the clients will never have any dull moment from the preparation to their actual wedding event. We are a team of wedding professionals who have a single vision—giving you a spectacular wedding experience that you and your guests will remember for a lifetime and providing a stylish wedding filled with fun, worry-free and exceptional experiences.

Sensibly Chic Weddings

Sensibly Chic Weddings Sensibly Chic Weddings provides unique wedding planning in Dallas for brides who have always dreamed of the perfect wedding. Aside from the three wedding planning packages offered, Sensibly Chic Weddings also offers wedding planning on a budget and a timeline for couples to give to their vendors. All packages include a free meeting with a wedding consultant to determine what a couple needs for their wedding. A wedding coordinator is sent to the wedding rehearsal and the ceremony itself so the couple can concentrate on enjoying the fruits of their labor. Wedding plans are always guaranteed with Sensibly Chic weddings.

Sweet Pea Events

Sweet Pea Events Wedding planning in Dallas is often coordinated by Sweet Pea Events. They are excellent at wedding planning on a budget and also give couples the option of retaining a part time wedding coordinator who would only step in on the big day itself. Their wedding planning involves coming up with a timeline that any talented event planner can create for a couple. They make wedding plans come to life for each couple they work with. Sweet Pea event planners are very knowledgeable about planning a wedding that will be unforgettable. Couples can meet with a wedding consultant for more information.

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Kay Watson

Kay Watson Kay Watson does wedding planning in Dallas for couples who need wedding planning on a budget. There are three packages for couples to choose from and all of them involve talented wedding planners. The packages include a wedding planning checklist as well as a timeline put together by an expert wedding consultant. No matter what a couple’s wedding plans are when they come to Kay Watson the company can take the plans and run with them. Kay herself is the wedding planning guide who will show up for each couple’s wedding to ensure that the wedding planning is executed correctly.

Stardust Celebrations

Stardust Celebrations Stardust Celebrations is a company with years of experience in wedding planning in Dallas. They have three choices when it comes to wedding planning packages and the cheapest package involves wedding planning on a budget. All packages include a wedding list of the tasks that need to be done and the vendors that need to be booked. They will help with planning a wedding checklist before the rest of the process begins. Each package includes access to an online wedding planner that couples can contact via email. Other services offered include a wedding coordinator overseeing all the wedding day events.

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Weddings By Carolyn

Weddings By Carolyn Weddings By Carolyn specializes in wedding planning in Dallas for local couples. Three packages are offered to couples and each provides a different level of services. The full package includes a wedding planner who will help them put their wedding plans into effect with as little stress as possible. A wedding planner checklist is included in all packages for couples who are planning their wedding from scratch. Couples who have already begun the planning process can still have a wedding coordinator show up on the day of the event to help make sure that the wedding timeline is executed properly.

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Significant Events Of Texas

Significant Events Of Texas Significant Events Of Texas offers wedding planning in Dallas for couples looking for a talented wedding coordinator. Wedding planning on a budget is something the company specializes in. A wedding consultant meets with each couple to come up with a wedding planning checklist that can be used to ensure no detail in the wedding planning process is overlooked. Couples who only want a part time wedding planner can obtain one for only their wedding day itself if that is what they choose. This means an event planner will show up on the wedding day to help everything run very smoothly.

Bella Flora

Bella Flora Bella Flora offers superior wedding planning in Dallas. Couples can obtain a full time wedding planner or a part time wedding consultant, depending on how much help they need. They can get assistance with wedding planning on a budget if they need it. Planning a wedding checklist with a Bella Flora wedding coordinator is easy to do. They will also create a timeline for the wedding day itself. Couples with simple or elaborate wedding plans can get the assistance they need from a Bella Flora wedding coordinator in Dallas. Bella Flora is often considered the best wedding planner in Dallas.

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Coalesce Creations

Coalesce Creations Athena DeVonne is the genius behind Coalesce Creations and her great personality shines through in all of her work. In order for her style of event planning to work, her clients need to be open to sharing all of their personality. To make this easier Athena is open with each client and makes sure they are comfortable with her, then she can really find the perfect wedding style for each one. Whether you want a quiet and intimate ceremony or a top celebrity-style celebration, Coalesce Creations is ready to assist.

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