Top 10 Rated Detroit Wedding and Engagement Rings Designers

Atelier Gothique

Atelier Gothique Atelier Gothique is a high-end jewelry store with a twist. They are the first of their kind to present a line of bridal jewelry with a dark side. With inspiration from the gothic underground scene of the city, these rings are the most unique engagement rings in Detroit, MI. This store has been making custom jewelry for over 25 years and can thus design and make almost anything you can conceive. With an Avant-Garde style and huge selection it is no surprise that this store is growing in popularity.

Rottermond Jewelers

Rottermond Jewelers It is clear from the reviews of Rottermond Jewelers that each customer leaves more than satisfied with their purchase. If you’re looking in Detroit for engagement rings, look no further than this specialty jewelry store. This store is the home of experienced gemologists, jewelers, and appraisers who are ready to help you in any stage of your love story. Whether you are going to propose, are on your road to the aisle, or would like to design a custom anniversary present, this store has it all.

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Redford Jewelry & Coin

Redford Jewelry & Coin Redford Jewelry & Coin is known for their custom jewelry. If you are looking for wedding rings in Detroit, this is the place to have one made to your exact specifications. They also offer repairs so you know that the ring you design can be serviced throughout its life. In addition to their custom jewels, they offer a selection of diamonds and engagement rings that would impress any partner. If you’re not ready for marriage but would like to give your partner a token of your love, they can also help design promise rings.

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Maloof Jewelry

Maloof Jewelry Maloof Jewelry has been serving generations of Detroit based customers for years. Their friendly and professional customer service combined with their selection instantly turns one-time buyers into loyal clients for life. They have every kind of diamond and cut you can imagine. Ready to cover any eventually, if you want something with a classic touch or a refined and quirky vintage style, the carefully trained experts at this store can help you find something radiant and beautiful to present to your intended.

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Giorgio Conti Jewelers

Giorgio Conti Jewelers Giorgio Conti Jewelers is a 4,500 square feet jewelry store which includes retail space, private showrooms, a gemological laboratory, manufacturing department, and a watch & jewelry repair center. As an authorized dealer of high quality designer jewelry and watch brands, we offer the most unique engagement rings, loose diamonds, watches, and more. A loyal and ever growing clientele has helped us become one of the leading jewelry stores in the Detroit area.

Dearborn Jewelers

Dearborn Jewelers Dearborn Jewelers is known for being consistent and honest. They always have a huge assortment of bridal rings for men and for women. They not only have a collection of rings that puts them ahead of their competition but the services they offer put them in a class of their own. They specialize in custom jewelry, cleaning, engraving, repairs, and remounting old or used jewels. They truly have every service you could need for the life of your jewelry right in stores. This, plus their customer service, makes them the go-to jewelers.

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The Diamond Factory

The Diamond Factory Jewelry stores in Detroit are held to the high standard set by The Diamond Factory. This store sells jewelry directly to customers cutting out the middleman. This means that you are buying jewelry at the most honest and genuine prices on the market. They cut the diamonds themselves and bring the finished product directly to you meaning you are also the first to see their inventory right in the store. Classic diamond engagement rings and fashion watches are their specialty.

Birmingham Estate and Jewelry Buyers

Birmingham Estate and Jewelry Buyers Birmingham Estate and Jewelry Buyers wear many hats in the jewelry industry. They buy gold, coins, and precious metals and sell a variety of jewelry including the highest quality rings, watches, and colored stones. There has not been a more unique selection of wedding rings in Detroit. This store is ready to present you with options for any special occasion. The GIA certified gemologist onsite can help you choose the right ring or can help you create something new.

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Legacy Estate Jewelry

Legacy Estate Jewelry Some jewelry has already been worn; it already has been present for a love story and is ready to be passed on to another. Rings with history are exactly what Legacy Estate Jewelry sells. They are the premier antique, vintage, and estate jewelry buyers and sellers. Buyers come to this store for their unique collection of older rings and jewels that have been proven to stand the test of time. Presenting your partner with one of these rings is sure to turn her into your blushing fiancé.

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