Top 10 Rated Detroit Wedding Cake Bakeries

Prince Valley

Prince Valley Prince Valley is an entire bakery service that specializes in making custom cakes for all occasions. Whether you are celebrating a first birthday, a 50th anniversary, sweet sixteen or are starting your journey as a married couple, this company makes beautiful and delicious cakes that everyone will enjoy. There are plenty of bakeries to choose from in Michigan, but by choosing this one you are guaranteed quality and great customer service. Let this company exceed your expectations in every way.

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Mrs Maddox Cakes

Mrs Maddox Cakes It is clear from images of previous cakes that were made by Mrs. Maddox Cakes that the team at this bakery has a passion for what they do. These people are truly artists who use cake and different frostings to create their art. They can make unique baby shower cakes or personalized birthday cakes. For Detroit wedding cakes, there is not a bakery more creative than this one. They work closely with clients to ensure they get a cake that is not only delicious but also beautiful.

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Trifles Cakes

Trifles Cakes Wedding cakes are often the centerpiece for the reception, reflect the personality and style of the couple, and are something everyone looks forward to eating. If you would like a cake that is elegant, beautiful and delicious then Trifles Cakes can provide you with something you and your guests will love. They make incredibly designed confections of all shapes, sizes, and flavor combinations. From the very first tasting, you will be convinced that this company is the best cake bakery in the state.

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Morning Glory

Morning Glory Morning Glory is a coffee and pastry shop that makes custom wedding and birthday cakes by request. This shop uses the best ingredients to make their tasty treats in the bakery daily and provide the same quality in their cakes as well. Everything this shop produces is homemade and is undoubtedly delicious. If you want something special to celebrate your occasion, then call or e-mail the bakery to have them create something one-of-a-kind for you and your guests to enjoy.

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Rikki’s Gourmet Cakes

Rikki’s Gourmet Cakes Planning a wedding is stressful because there seems to be endless decisions to make and endless appointments. Rikki’s Gourmet Cakes know that this time is special and want to eliminate any stress by offering a relaxed consultation. They will not pressure you into using their services but simply let you enjoy a tasting and let the flavors and speak for themselves. For wedding cakes in Detroit, MI, there is not a more caring and thoughtful cake bakery than this one.

Patisserie Parmentier

Patisserie Parmentier The cake business is one that is flooded with hobbyists and amateurs. Sorting out the talented from the not is easy when you see the work of Patisserie Parmentier. This company delivers the highest quality cakes and designs for weddings. With a variety of flavors and icing combinations to choose from, you know that the cake they make will be delicious as well as beautiful. They can custom make a cake topper to reflect you as a couple and can make edible decorations as well.

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West Warren Bakery

West Warren Bakery West Warren Bakery is at the top of its game, making confections of all sorts. It seems that the talents of the bakers and designers at this shop know no bounds as they can flawlessly make cupcake towers and custom wedding cakes. For an affordable price you can work with the team at the store to make something special and delicious to celebrate your wedding day. Whatever you choose, you can be sure it will be delectable and artful if it is made by this company.

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Wedding Cake Art and Design Center

Wedding Cake Art and Design Center The Wedding Cake Art and Design Center has been recognized by countless wedding institutions and publications for their incredible talents and customer service. The custom cakes this company makes are truly something to behold. The flawless designs and rich flavors mix to create the perfect wedding cake and centerpiece for your reception. Whether you want something that towers impressively or is smaller for a more intimate affair, they can always make something beautiful and elegant that everyone will enjoy eating and looking at.

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