Top 10 Rated Los Angeles Makeup Artists

PAGE Beauty

PAGE Beauty When Tanya Bures founded PAGE Beauty her aim was to offer brides throughout Los Angeles access to some of the highest quality of makeup services without an extortionate price tag. This simple and honest approach to being a makeup artist has made this service one of the most successful in the city. PAGE Beauty quickly started attracting talented Los Angeles makeup artists and the team now has experts in a range of fields. Reviews always mention that having the entire team assisting you means you will always look perfect.

Eugene Conde

Eugene Conde There is very little that Eugene Conde hasn’t done when it comes to makeup and hair styling in Los Angeles. He has worked with individuals in music videos, commercials, films and at Hollywood red-carpet events. In addition to his commercial work as a makeup artist in Los Angeles, CA, Eugene has become known throughout the city for his work with brides. He is able to achieve a look that will not only enhance your natural beauty but will last all day and right up until the last dance.

Icon Image

Icon Image Simply viewing the amazing portfolio of bridal makeup that Icon Image proudly displays will have you convinced that this is the right service for you. The team at this company has a remarkable level of qualifications and this experience can be seen in the huge number of looks that they have created. Knowing that you are in an expert’s hands will take away all of your concerns about looking your best and will mean having an almost stress-free morning before your ceremony.

Jana and Co

Jana and Co Having access to one of the best makeup artists in California is an opportunity that not all brides have. Luckily, for the residents of Los Angeles, Jana and her team are available to make you look stunning on your big day. She has worked personally with a huge number of famous individuals but on top of that her bridal gallery takes your breath away. Jana will apply her two decades of experience that will guarantee that your wedding hair and makeup will be flawless.

Pa Kou Xiong

Pa Kou Xiong There is no need for permanent makeup options when you use the services of Pa Kou Xiong as her makeovers last for the entire ceremony and reception celebration. In addition to being long-lasting the results are always stunning and enhances the bride’s natural beauty. As Pa Kou Xiong is continually learning she has a long list of certifications and is up-to-date on a wide range of techniques that makes her work even more professional. While the results might be the best in the city, the prices always remain affordable.