Top 10 Rated Memphis Wedding and Engagement Rings Designers

Walsons & Co Fine Jewelers

Walsons & Co Fine Jewelers Walsons & Co Fine Jewelers knows that buying jewelry is expensive and thus a big financial commitment. This is why they offer a military discount and 6 month interest free financing. Everyone deserves to have the ring of their dreams and they’ve made it more possible than ever with their prices, coupons and financing options. The store also provides repairs and restorations. If you have a ring that needs some TLC, even if it’s an antique, Walsons & Co is there to make it look like new.


Mednikow As far as upscale jewelers are concerned Mednikow is the best in the business. This store presents a smaller but refined collection to clients than most jewelry stores because they are confident about the items they do offer. With designer rings at the forefront of the business, this store also sells authentic antique jewels and custom designs. They also sell an assortment of watches. As every treasured piece of their jewelry is for women, this store is more specialized than most.

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Jeweler’s Choice Inc

Jeweler’s Choice Inc Finding the perfect ring starts with finding a jeweler who values its clients like they value their family. Jeweler’s Choice Inc. treats every customer as if they were family, giving them the most honest prices and opinions they can offer. This store specializes in bridal and wedding rings of every kind. They have classic engagement rings as well as rings with gemstones for a more contemporary flare. The store also has rings for men with a modern feel and with a vintage touch.

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Josef’s Jewelers

Josef’s Jewelers Jewelry stores in Memphis are abundant which can make it hard to choose which one is right for you. Many of them offer the same services, but some of them go above and beyond to provide you with the very best jewelry on the market. Josef’s Jewelers is unique in that every member of staff is GIA trained. Most stores are lucky to have one, making this store the clear choice when you’re looking for quality as every member of the team is certified.

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James Gattas Jewelers

James Gattas Jewelers Many members of staff working in normal jewelry stores are not as qualified as you might want them to be. This is how James Gattas Jewelers is the exception; each member of the dedicated staff is certified in some aspect of the jewelry business. Some are certified diamondologists, gemologists and appraisers, while others are master jewelers. With credentials like this and over 35 years of industry experience, you know you can trust that you are getting the highest quality wedding rings in Memphis.

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Accent Jewelers & Loans

Accent Jewelers & Loans Accent Jewelers & Loans is first and foremost a diamond, gold and silver buyer. Those who have used jewelry they no longer wear can bring their pieces into the store for cash. How does this benefit someone looking in Memphis for engagement rings? Since this store is the largest buyer in the city, it also means they have the largest and most unique collection to sell to buyers for a steal. They have rings from every era and their inventory is always changing.

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Robert Irwin Jewelers

Robert Irwin Jewelers Robert Irwin Jewelers knows that the jewelry you purchase at their store will be something you or your loved one will cherish forever. Whether the jewelry represents your commitment to your partner, celebrates a milestone, or is symbolic of your purity, this store has rings for women for every occasion. This jeweler has been so successful because they are focused on women’s rings, specifically affordable women’s rings. Shopping by your budget is the best way to find a ring you love without breaking the bank.

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Doris McLendon’s Fine Jewelry

Doris McLendon’s Fine Jewelry An owner who is behind the counter of their store and proud of their collection of jewelry is always a good sign. That is exactly what you will see at Doris McLendon’s Fine Jewelry. Most of the jewelry bought in the market today is for women, which is why the owner thinks it best to have a woman behind the counter who can easily relate. With jewelry from markets all around the world you will surely find a ring you and your partner will love in this small Tennessee shop.

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