Top 10 Rated Wedding Photographers in Tulsa, OK

Tulsa Pix Photography

Tulsa Pix Photography Many Tulsa wedding photographers often try to specialize to make them seem like they are the very best in that specialty. Tulsa Pix Photography does not need to exclusively shoot weddings, portraits or sporting events because their talents are applicable in any photography situation. The unique style of shooting offered by the talents of this company provides a modern take on traditional wedding photography and the posed style of shooting. This company works with the couple to determine their style and then shoot accordingly to form a perfect fusion and final product.

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Storybook Wedding Photography

Storybook Wedding Photography If you would like your wedding shot through traditional poses, there are plenty of wedding photographers in Tulsa, OK out there for you. Storybook Wedding Photography offers a different style of work. By capturing your wedding day as it happens, with very little posing, the photographer is able to shoot your fairytale day as the lovely story that it is. When you look back at the photos of your wedding day, you want to remember and relive those moments and that is exactly what will happen with the photos this photographer shoots.

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Photography by Laura

Photography by Laura Photography by Laura is always personalized and always special. This photographer specializes in shooting weddings and has therefore been able to perfect her technique with the camera and her style. The prices this photographer offers are a bargain as well. They are not only affordable, but when you consider the services they are amazing. You will feel comfortable in front of Laura’s lens as she captures the magic of the biggest day of your lives. Contact the photographer to learn more about her style and what she has to offer.

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John Lew Photography

John Lew Photography It is clear from his work that John Lew Photography has a truly artistic flare. This wedding photographer and lifestyle and editorial photographer offers a unique perspective from behind the lens. He has a keen eye for capturing people in general, which makes him perfect to photograph your family or wedding. He will capture the look in the groom’s eyes when he first sees his bride, the moment that everyone notices grandpa has taken out his teeth and the sweet embraces of family members enjoying a celebration of love.

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Velvet Era Photography

Velvet Era Photography We offer wedding and lifestyle photography for couples who love adventure and genuine, natural photography. Our favorite things to do with clients are going on adventures, or cozying up in their homes. Adventure sessions can include hiking, swimming, doing any kind of activity that makes you guys happy and free. Feel free to bring the dog too! In home sessions are an opportunity to capture the true essence of who are are as a couple.

Artworks Tulsa Photography

Artworks Tulsa Photography You want images of your wedding day that are authentic and sweet. Artworks Tulsa Photography always produces beautiful and romantic images of any occasion. Their use of natural light and extensive experience make them the perfect choice to shoot your wedding day. Though they do not offer videography, it is clear that their images will tell the story of your day flawlessly so there is not need for it. You will not need to read reviews to be convinced of the talent of this photographer when see the images they have taken.

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Don C. Harris Photography

Don C. Harris Photography Finding a photographer should be one of the easiest parts of planning a wedding. You should trust your instincts and follow them to a photographer with a beautiful and romantic style that matches the event. Many couples have seen the work of Dan C. Harris Photography and immediately been captivated by his pictures. He has shot beautiful weddings, the cutest babies and kids, as well as entire families. This man truly has a talent for capturing people and showing them at their best.

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Andy's Fine Portraits

Andy's Fine Portraits Photojournalism is a word that you will hear a lot when you are looking for a wedding photographer. This is the style in which the photographer steps back and allows the event to go on without interfering to take posed photos. Andy Fine Portraits has mastered this style and this has helped to make him a top award-winning photographer. His friendly service is always personal and always straightforward. He clearly lists his packages and rates as well as services so clients can choose what they are comfortable with.

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Jesse Reich Photography

Jesse Reich Photography Some photographers are hobbyists who have a passion for taking pictures, Jesse, of Jesse Reich Photography is truly an artist, whose passion has grown into one of the best wedding photography businesses in Oklahoma. The work of this photographer has been described as relaxed and fun for the clients while still remaining professional. While many people do not feel comfortable in front of the camera, this company works to remedy that by giving clients clear directions for posed images and simply steps back when it is time for candid pictures.

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Epic Photography

Epic Photography Photography should be one of the things that you choose the most carefully on your wedding day. There is only one chance to get these images right, so choosing the right photographer is crucial. Epic Photography is famous for capturing the most romantic and emotional moments of every wedding they shoot. The photographers work closely with clients to better serve them when the big day arrives. Then the editors and production staff support them putting their specialized talents to work.

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